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D32PRO IP Core
Deeply Embedded Royalty-Free 32-bit MCU
v. 6.03.preliminary
Digital Core Design is a leading IP Core provider
and a System-on-Chip design house. The company
was founded in 1999 and since the very beginning
has been focused on IP Core architecture improvements. Our innovative, silicon proven solutions have been employed by over 300 customers
and with more than 500 hundred licenses sold to
companies like Intel, Siemens, Philips, General
Electric, Sony and Toyota. Based on over 70 different architectures, starting from serial interfaces to
advanced microcontrollers and SoCs, we are designing solutions tailored to your needs.
The D32PRO is royalty-free silicon proven, high
performance soft core of a single-chip 32-bit embedded controller, with Floating Point Coprocessor. Thanks to its increased code density, the
D32PRO meets the power and size requirements
of new connected devices. That’s why both power
and performance of this IP Core predestine it as a
real alternative for ARM Cortex M0/M0+/M1/M3
in the deeply embedded market and especially for
emerging market of connected devices (IoT). Responding to continuing demands for less power
drain in system-on-chip (SoC) designs, DCD has
developed an instruction set aimed at reducing
the size of system's instruction memory. The
D32PRO is aimed at low-power always on/always
listening systems and those with less demanding
clock frequencies such as Bluetooth Low Energy.
Nevertheless the core is perfect for embedded
systems that require greater computational performance and system complexity by supporting
dual- and multi-core systems as well as improved
code density. DCD’s IP Core is fully customizable it is delivered in the exact configuration to meet
customer’s requirements. The D32PRO is offered
with great variety of peripherals like USB, SPI, LCD,
HDLC, UART, Ethernet MAC, CAN, LIN, RTC and
many more – ready to be implemented with the
CPU. The D32PRO is delivered with fully automated test bench and complete set of tests, allowing
easy package validation at each stage of SoC design.
● ASIC Silicon proven architecture
● Performance up to 1.48 / 2.67 DMIPS/MHz and
2.41 CoreMarks/MHz
● Small footprint starting at 10.6k / 6.7k ASIC gates
● Dynamic power below 7 uW/MHz in 90nm
● Very high clock frequency up to 1 GHz in modern
ASIC technologies
● Configurable 32-bit Harvard architecture
● Fifteen 32-bit general Purpose registers
● Up to 256 MB of Code Space with encrypted bootloader
● Up to 256 MB of Data Space
● Built-in configurable Floating Point co-processor
using dedicated instructions
● Configurable 32-bit hardware multiplier
● Configurable 32-bit hardware divider
● Configurable 32-bit hardware shifter
● Low power consumption by Advanced Power
Management Unit
○ Advanced Power management mode
○ Switchback feature
○ Stop mode
● Configurable Interrupt Controller
○ Non Maskable Interrupt
○ Up to 16 priority levels
○ Up to 32 external interrupt sources
● System clock controller supporting
○ Phase Locked Loops (PLL)
○ external clock generator
○ on-chip clock oscillator
● DoCD™ on chip debug unit
○ Processor execution control
○ Run, Halt
○ Step into instruction
○ Skip instruction
○ Read-write all processor contents
○ System Space
○ Program Memory Space
○ Data Memory Space
○ Peripherals Space
○ Code execution breakpoints
○ up to eight real-time PC breakpoints
○ unlimited number of real-time OPCODE breakpoints
○ Hardware execution watch-points at
○ Data Memory Space
○ Program Memory Space
○ Peripherals Space
○ System Space
○ Hardware watch-points activated at a certain
○ address by any write into any Space
○ address by any read from Space
○ address by write into space a required data
○ address by read from space a required data
○ Hardware watchpoint windows activated at certain:
○ Start/stop address by any write into any Space
○ Start/stop address by any read from Space
○ Start/stop address by write into space a required
○ Start/stop address by read from space a required
○ 2-wire high-speed communication interface
Ultimate dense code
Great variety of peripherals
AHB-Lite interface ready
Rapid & easy development with ready to use tools
Customization friendly with GUI
Patent pending architecture
Confidential data
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● Royalty free
● D32PRO offers Complete Software Development
● Eclipse Integrated Development Environment
● GCC set of tools including C & C++ languages
● Debugger, Linker and Assembler
● Dedicated Simulator
● Supports Linux, Windows
Low cost USB debug cable
● USB2 .0 High Speed cable (480 Mbps)
● 2-wire high-speed DoCD interface
ASIC proven architecture
Source code:
● VERILOG Source Code or
● FPGA Netlist
VERILOG test bench environment
● ModelSim automatic simulation macros
● NCSim automatic simulation macros
● Tests with reference responses
Technical documentation
● Installation notes
● HDL core specification
● Datasheet
Synthesis scripts
Example application
Technical support
● IP Core implementation support
● 3 months maintenance
Delivery of the IP Core and documentation updates, minor and major versions changes
Phone & email support
Several parameters of the D32PRO can be easily
adjusted to requirements of a dedicated application and technology. The configuration of the core
can be effortlessly done, by changing appropriate
constants in the package file or using GUI. There is
no need to change any parts of the HDL code.
Comprehensible and clearly defined licensing
methods without royalty-per-chip fees make use
of our IP Cores easy and simple.
Single-Site license option – dedicated to small and
middle sized companies, which run their business
in one place.
Multi-Site license option – dedicated to corporate
customers, who operate at several locations. The
licensed product can be used in selected company
In all cases the number of IP Core instantiations
within a project and the number of manufactured
chips are unlimited. The license is royalty-per-chip
free. There are no restrictions regarding the time
of use.
There are two formats of the delivered IP Core:
Verilog RTL synthesizable source code called
HDL Source
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For any modifications or special requests,
please contact Digital Core Design or local distributors.
DCD’s headquarters:
Wroclawska 94
41-902 Bytom, POLAND
e-mail: : [email protected]
tel. : +48 32 282 82 66
fax : +48 32 282 74 37
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Confidential data
Copyright © 1999-2015 DCD – Digital Core Design. All Rights Reserved.
All trademarks mentioned in this document are the property
of their respective owners.