New Audio DSP Delivers High-End Performance
Powerful 32-bit Dual Coyote32™ Core (1440 MOPS)
CS49500/10/20 Features
Powerful 32-bit, dual-core audio DSP
■ Supports simultaneous dual-decode
Cirrus® Audio Software Library (3-Overlay)
■ Decoder
Matrix Processor
Dolby® Digital ProLogic® II,™
Dolby Digital-EX,™ DTS-ES™ 96/24,™
DTS-ES Discrete 6.1,™ DTS-ES Matrix
6.1,™ AAC Multichannel 5.1, WMA 9,
MP3, MPEG Multichannel Audio
Dolby Digital-EX ProLogic IIx,™
DTS Neo:6,™ SRS Circle Surround,™
Cirrus Extended Surround™
Dolby Digital Headphone / Dolby Digital
Virtual Speaker,™ SRS Tru-Surround,™
THX® Ultra 2 Cinema,™ THX Surround EX,™
DVD Audio/SACD Multichannel Bass
■ Cirrus Audio Software Development Kit
Coyote32 assembler and linker
Coyote32 C compiler
Hydra™ 2.0 chip simulator and
in-circuit emulator
Audio OS and plug-in framework
Customer software security keys
Large on-chip X, Y & program RAM
10-channel, 32-bit serial audio inputs
16-channel, 32-bit PCM outputs
Two master/slave SPI or I2C® format control
ports for audio subsystem management
Supports SDRAM, SRAM, FLASH memories
Dual 192 kHz S/PDIF transmitters
Available in 144-pin LQFP
CS49500 price: $12.95 (10K)
Designed as an ideal silicon solution for audio video receivers
and DVD receivers, the new CS49500 family integrates two
programmable 32-bit DSP cores and a DMA engine with a full set of
audio peripherals. Feature-rich designs can be easily developed
using the Cirrus® Audio Software Library, which includes both certified
application programs and a modular plug-in environment for easy
customization using Coyote32 assembly or C programming. The
framework includes certified state-of-the-art audio decoders, virtualizers,
surround simulators, and audio-enhancement algorithms.
The CS49500 family is designed to reduce system costs and development
time and provide features and flexibility for competitive system-level
solutions. Difficult processing tasks that incorporate Dolby Digital
Surround EX, AAC multichannel, DTS-ES 96/24, and THX Ultra2
Cinema can now be accomplished without the expense of external
logic or memory. Additionally, the CS49500 family meets the needs
of today’s high-end audio systems with twin DSP cores, I/O intensive
designs that support up to 10 input and 16 output channels, and on
the CS49520 design, support for simultaneous dual-decode.
Delivering an extensive selection of silicon and software capabilities,
the CS49500 family is an excellent Total Entertainment (Total-E™) IC
Solution for your next-generation digital home entertainment product.
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