CS4392 製品情報

Leading the Digital Entertainment RevolutionTM
New Stereo DAC Maximizes Audio Performance
Perfect for DVD Audio and SACD Applications
CS4392 Features
Complete 24-bit stereo DAC system:
Output analog filtering
114 dB dynamic range
100 dB THD+N
Up to 192 kHz sample rates
Direct Stream Digital mode
Low clock jitter sensitivity
ATAPI mixing functions
Selectable digital filters
Volume control with soft ramp
Supports DVD Audio and SACD
Single +5V power supply
Available in 20-pin SOIC/TSSOP
CS4392 price: $2.80 (10K)
CS4392 Applications
DVD players
SACD players
AV receivers
Digital mixing consoles
Effects processors
CS4392 is a complete, stereo DAC that allows manufacturers to
achieve better performance and sound quality with minimal design
effort. Its selectable digital filters provide design flexibility and
system customization for all audio applications. Designers can
maximize audio performance, reduce development cost, and
accelerate their time to market with CS4392. And, it delivers the best
price/performance for a variety of professional and consumer audio
applications that support SACD (Direct Stream Digital technology)
and DVD Audio (24-bit, 192 kHz sample rates).
Other Cirrus patented mixed-signal technologies used in the CS4392
include a proprietary delta-sigma modulator architecture and analog
switched capacitor filter.
CS4392 is a Cirrus Total Entertainment Total-E™ IC solution
specifically designed for consumer entertainment electronics.
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