CIC310 Product Brief

Pr oduc t Br ief
CIC310 - FlexRay TM Companion IC
Smar t Co mpanion ICs for
Seamless Scalabil ity of Microcontrolle rs
CIC310 is a FlexRay TM Co mmunication Co ntroller
Co mpanion IC fo r Auto motIve Embedded Co ntrol
T A R G E T E D A T safety critical automotive applications such as
x-by-wire systems (brake-by-wire, steer-by-wire, etc.), active and passive
safety systems, collision avoidance systems, driver assistance systems and
automotive applications requiring high communication bandwidth such as
powertrain management, chassis management network etc. With a gross
data rate of 10 Mbit/s, FlexRayTM delivers approximately 20 times higher net
bandwidth than the CAN protocol currently used in advanced automotive
control applications.
F O R S E A M L E S S extension of the microcontroller by supporting
Micro-Link Interface (MLI) standard, enabling a look and feel from software
point of view almost like it is an integrated module. A de-multiplexed
8/16-bit parallel Interface (XMU) is provided as an alternative for
microcontrollers that do not support MLI yet. An SPI interface providing an
alternative host interface for microcontrollers having a low pin count and
moderate FlexRayTM bandwidth requirements. A DMA, data processing, and
data triggering unit to unload the host processor, provide application
specific functions (protocols), and implement a safety shell (firewall).
Key Features
Target Applications
Chassis management
Powertrain management
Driver assistance systems
Collision avoidance systems
X-by-wire (Brake-by-wire and Steer-by-wire)
Support of fault-tolerant systems
Active and passive safety systems
– Airbag
Microcontrolle rs
High bandwidth deterministic FlexRayTM
Protocol Controller
MLI, XMU, and SPI connectivity to microcontroller
– High-Speed Micro-Link Interface (MLI) for seamless
data exchange without software overhead
– High-Speed D-multiplexed 8/16 bit parallel
Interface (XMU) for seamless data exchange with a
broad range of different microcontroller families
– High-Speed Synchronous Serial Channel (SSC)
interface as alternative via SPI or UART for
microcontrollers with low pin count
Input trigger and interrupt output capability for
e.g. autonomous data buffer mirroring
Digital output port capability (port recreation)
Digital I/O compatibility to 3.3 V
Integrated DMA controller with 8 channels
Integrated data processing units (e.g. sign
extension, format conversion, value checking,
event and state generation)
Autonomous transfer of message objects (data
mirror) from and to the microcontroller (SPI/MLI)
Integrated RAM for protocol configuration, data
processing, application customization, and
encapsulation (safety)
High precision low jitter PLL and clock generation
for external crystal or clock signal
Full automotive temperature range
Tamb = -40°C to +125°C
Small 64-pin low-profile quad flat
package (PG-LQFP-64)
Optimized for use with TriCore based 32-bit
microcontrollers by Infineon (TC1796, TC1766, …)
and XC166 based 16-bit microcontroller by
Infineon (XC161, XC164, XC167, …)
Software: DECOMSYS adapt to FlexRayTM interface
Product Brief
FlexRay TM Module
CIC310 Block Diagram
Clock Control PLL
80 Hz
40/80 Hz
E-Ray Module
(Data Coefficient)
Product Summar y
Sales Code
FlexRayTM Communication Controller with
FlexRayTM Starterkit Daughterboard for
Infineon Starterkits (TC1796,TC1766, XC164 ,… )
Based on Bosch E-Ray IP
Conform with FlexRayTM protocol specification v2.1
Two channels
– Redundant for fault tolerance
– Independent for 2x bandwidth (20 Mbit/s)
Data rates of up to 10 Mbit/s on each of the
two channels
Up to 128 message buffers configurable
Each message buffer configurable as receive
buffer, transmit buffer, or as part of the receive
first in-first out (FIFO)
FlexRayTM communication controller
– Time- and event-triggered
communication schemes
– Support of fault-tolerant systems
– High error detection and error
diagnosis capability
8.25 Kbytes of Message RAM for storage of e.g.
128 message buffers with max. 48 byte data
field or up to 30 messages with 254 byte data
Enabling configuration of message buffers
with different payload lengths
Configurable receive FIFO
Filtering for frame ID, channel ID,
and cycle counter
Maskable module interrupt
Network Management supported
Four interrupt request lines
Local memory for autonomous data handling
Co nnection Options: MLI, External Bus and SPI
32-bit µC
e.g. TC1766
8/16/32-bit µC
e.g. XC164
Micro Link Inter face (MLI)
Serial Peripheral Inter face (SPI)
High speed serial
Minimum SW support
Up to 40 MBaud
Bandwidth limited
Low cost, low effort
Up to 20 MBaud
Parallel Bus ( X MU )
Channel A
Channel B
16 bit or 8 bit data
Up to 40 MHz access
BD: Bus Driver
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