The W99200F/ W99200AF is a high performance MPEG-1
Video Encoder which supports real-time video encoding.
The W99200F/ W99200AF provides a fast, high quality
and cost-effective solution for use in consumer video
systems, PC add-in cards, and PC external boxes. It
enables a wide range of applications including video and
audio capturing, encoding and authoring for Security
system, Web sites, RVCD, Digital VCR and video e-mail.
The W99200AF also supports the cooperation with the
Zapex Z1210, the MPEG audio encoder/ MPEG system
mux chip. W99200F is functionally equal to W99200AF,
excluding the cooperation support.
Live Video Encoding
• Real time MPEG-1 video encoding in IBP syntax
• Programmable IBP frame sequence
• Programmable bit rate
• Supports NTSC and PAL frame rates
• Real time Motion JPEG encoding
• Supports SIF and QSIF resolutions
• Supports standard formats - CCIR601 NTSC, CCIR601
PAL and Square NTSC
• Automatic cropping and decimation
• Automatic inverse telecine (3:2 pull down)
• Automatic time code generation
• Automatic scene change detection
• Supports user defined bitmap 96 x 32 pixel size for logo
Live Video Pass Through
• Passes YCbCr video from live video input to host
• Supports SIF and QSIF formats
• Automatic cropping and decimation
• Programmable frame rate output to the host
Live Audio Pass Through
• Supports I S interface for passing audio to host
• Provides perfect A/V synchronization
Live Video Snap Shot
• Captures a single frame from live video input to host in
YCbCr, JPEG or MPEG-1 I-frame format
• Supports frame resolutions of CCIR601 (4:2:0), SIF and
• Automatic cropping and decimation
Single Frame Encoding
• Supports frame sizes from 32 x 32 to 720 x 576
This product is jointly developed with Zapex Research Ltd.
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• Provides video editing through host access
• Receives single frame video from the host, encodes in
MPEG-1 I-frame or JPEG format, and sends it back to
the host
Standards Compliant
• Multi-Standard MPEG-1, M-JPEG, and JPEG
• ISO/IEC 11172-2 MPEG-1 Video
• ISO/IEC 10918-1:1994 JPEG Stills
Flexible Host Interface
• Allows host type selection through input pins
• Provides 32-bit PCI bus interface in both bus target and
bus master modes
• Provides generic 32-bit bus interface
• Provides a set of configuration registers
• Provides I C protocol management through the host
DRAM Interface
• Single 1M x 16 bits SDRAM required
• Host Read/Write modes allow the host to utilize the
SDRAM for system storage
Video Decoder Interface
• Glueless interface to popular video decoders
• Programmable interface characteristics
MPEG Decoder Interface
• serves a glueless 8051-like interface for SVCD decoder
• shares the single 16M bit SDRAM with SVCD decoder
Operating Conditions
• 160-pin PQFP
• 3.3 Volt supply with input pins 5 Volt tolerant
• Operating frequency 54 MHz
• Recordable Video-CD player (RVCD)
• Security Camera or Web Camera
• TV Tuner & Recorder card
• Desktop Video Editing System
• PCI MPEG-1 encoding & capture card
• External MPEG-1 Video Encoding box
Live Video
/ W99200F
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