ETC 451K

Low-Cost, Versatile, 10/100kHz
Frequency to Voltage Converters
Models 451, 453
Low Cost
Versatility: Adjustable Threshold, Gain & Output Offset
Guaranteed Low Nonlinearity: 80ppm Max, 451L and 453L
Accepts TTL, CMOS, HNIL, Sinewave, Pulse, Squarewave
and Triangle Wave Input Signals
No External Components to Meet Rated Performance
+20mA Output to Operate Relays and Meters
Low Profile Package, 0.4" Case Height
Meet MIL-STD-202E Environmental Testing
Motor Control and Speed Monitor
Line Frequency Monitor and Alarm Indicator
Fluid Flow Measurements and Control
FM Demodulation and VCO Stabilization
Frequency vs. Amplitude Response Measurements
the horizontal axis presents the output signal from the F/V converter.
Models 451 and 453 are low cost 10kHz and 100kHz frequency to
voltage converters that feature excellent low nonlinearity to less than
80ppm, output current of +20mA and the capability of interfacing with
TTL, HNIL, CMOS, sinewave, squarewave, pulse and triangular input
signals. External components are not required to achieve rated
performance, however, extreme versatility is maintained by allowing
access to all critical points of the design. This versatility allows
programmable input threshold, gain, and output offset voltage.
Data Acquisition Systems: For converting serially transmitted data
back to analog voltages.
Both models 451 and 453 are available in three selections, each offering
guaranteed maximum nonlinearity error as well as maximum gain drift
error. Models 451J and 453J offer 0.03% max nonlinearity and
100ppm/°C max gain drift. Models 451K and 453K offer 0.015% max
nonlinearity and 50ppm/°C max gain drift. Models 451L and 453L offer
0.008% max nonlinearity and 50ppm/°C max gain drift.
Pin compatible with existing popular models, these versatile new designs
offer economical solutions to a wide variety of applications where it is
required to convert frequency to an analog voltage.
Process Control Systems: For motor speed controllers, power line
frequency monitoring and fluid flow measurements where flow
transducers, such as variable reluctance magnetic pickups, provide pulse
train outputs as a linear function of flow rate.
Audio and Acoustic Systems: For wow and flutter measurements with
tape recorders and turntables, FM demodulation and speaker response
The combination of low cost and high performance provided by models
451 and 453 offers exceptional quality and value to the OEM designer.
These compact modules have been de- signed to provide maximum
versatility, thereby increasing their utility in a broad scope of
Adjustable Input Threshold: Threshold level is externally resistor
programmable from 0 to ±12V, permitting simple, direct interface with
low level signals, e.g. 10mV p-p, as well as with high level inputs such
as CMOS and HNIL logic levels, e.g. 0 to +12V.
Adjustable Gain: Model 451 can be adjusted to provide full scale
output voltage for any input frequency from 100Hz to 20kHz. Model 453
can be adjusted to provide full scale output voltage for any input
frequency from 1kHz to 200kHz. This adjustable gain feature enables the
user to easily match the maximum frequency output from a wide class of
frequency transducers to the +10V full scale output from models 451 and
453. Increased signal conversion sensitivity with higher resolution
Adjustable Output Offset Voltage: The output offset is adjustable from
-10V to +10V, enabling bipolar outputs or expanded scale measurements
or setting the input frequency where zero output voltage occurs.
Test Instrumentation: For VCO stabilization, analog readout frequency
meter, vibrational analysis and frequency versus amplitude X-Y plots
where the vertical axis presents the normal amplitude signal and
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