ETC BI2008

Biforst Technology Inc.
Make Sounds in Pure Digital
Operation Voltage Range:
Digital Amp:3.0 ~ 3.6V
Speaker Driver:3.0 ~ 5.5V
Operation Frequency Range:
11.2896MHz (When In CD 44.1KHz
Sample Rate)
12.288MHz (When In DAT 48KHz
Sample Rate)
Sample Rate x 256
Support I2S, Left-Justified &
Right-Justified Audio Data Input
Two-Channel Speaker Driver (1W at
5V each channel)
BTL Functions:
Two-Channel Speaker Driver
Switch to Mono Output
Can Select One Of Two
Channels As Input Signal
Driving Capacity Up to 1.5W at
Audio Volume Control:
32-Level Digital Audio Volume
HSOP 28pin
The longest sustained battery life with least heat dissipation of speaker driving
Exactly suitable Note-book/Desktop PC/LCD Monitor/TV Surround Sound Systems,
Portable DVD/VCD/CD/MP3 Speakers and Headphones and Video Game Speakers
Need low supply current ( < 1μA ) at 5V while no audio sound output
Auto-Mute function while no digital audio input
Allow both speaker driving and headphone driving on system
No need gain setting (built-in 32 level digital volume control)
With minimum external components and minimum power consumption while
driving speaker
The BI2008 is a stereo pure digital audio power amplifier single chip IC in a HSOP 28
Pins Package with bridge- tied- load (BTL) function. As a pure digital audio amplifier chip,
The BI2008 allows digital audio source directly enter into amplifier chip, and connect to
speakers without the use of external filter. It improves obviously in distortions, which
come from A/D or D/A converters, and also in power efficiency.
The advantages described above cause much better audio quality with longer
sustained battery life to be the best choice for USB-powered speaker, Note-book, portable
audio entertainment or portable DVD.
Unlike other class-D amplifier chips with analogue input, BI2008 can accept three
digital input interfaces (I2S, Left- Justified, Right-Justified). The design minimizes the input
RC components and the power consumption of inside OP Amp.
Simply for hearing, the maximum output of the BI2008 can be the same of
traditional class AB output 4W per channel with 4Ω speakers. In fact, the maximum
output of this digital amplifier is only 1 W per channel under 4Ω load with VDDA = 5V.
The BI2008 can never trigger the USB’s over-current protection mechanism on PC or
Notebook under normal operation. Even adding USB controller IC, the power
consumption with loudest volume is operated at VDDA = 5.3V.
While auto mute is active, the audio output will be completely disable and the power
consumption Idd current will be reduced < 1μA. This auto mute function does save the
system’s power.
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