ETC BS3003

2.1Ch Digital Amplifier w/ SPDIF & I2S Interface
2.1 Channel Digital Amplifier with SPDIF & I2S Interface
The BS3003 is the very smart choice for 2.1 channel audio systems. The BS3003 is embedded
with the latest generation of Lossless Digital Amplification (LDA) Technology. Digital Electronic
Crossover, 5V Speaker Driver and Earphone Driver are all in one convenient package. With
embedded SPDIF decoder, the chip can accept 2 channel digital audio data in SPDIF format or I2S
format data from other audio signal source such as A/D converter. The BS3003 will generate 3 sets of
signal for Left, Right and Sub-Woofer Channels. Each set of signal can select crossover frequency
and Sub-Woofer’s phase to drive speakers without external complicated Filter circuit. The powerful
Audio Volume Control includes 32-Level Digital Audio Volume Control and Mute Control. It also
provides Volume Level Boost and Output Anti-Clipping function. The quality of sound is pure and full
which is much different from the traditional Class AB Amplifier.
Operation Voltage:
- Digital Part: 3.0 ~ 3.6V
- Speaker / Earphone Driver: 3.0 ~ 5.0V
Operation Frequency:
- Use one 49.152MHz Crystal For Operation
Audio Data Input Interface:
- SPDIF (IEC 60958) Data Format Interface, Accept 32K, 44.1K, 48K, 96KHz Sample Rate
- 3-Wire Digital Audio Data Interface:
Support I2S, Left-Justified & Right-Justified Format
29 ~ 96KHz Wide Continue Sample Rate Range
Auto Adapt Word Length For Left & Right Channel In I2S & Left-Justified Mode
Provide 24/20/18/16-Bits Word Length Select for Left & Right Channel In Right-Justified
Provide Left/Right Frame Select Exchange Function
Provide Serial Clock Positive or Negative Latch Data Select
Select Master or Slaver Mode Through External Pin
Provide SPDIF/I2S Decoder Active LED Indication Output
Two Control Interfaces of Hardware Mode Without MCU & I2C Control Mode
14 Crossover Frequency Select
Digital Audio Volume & Mute Control
Temperature Sensor
Treble, Bass and Balance Output Control Interface
Package Type: HQFP100 & LQFP64
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