ETC BI2016

I2S Input Stereo Digital Amplifier
I2S Input Stereo Digital Amplifier
The BI2016 is a 2 channel stereo Lossless Digital amplifier embedded with Sample Rate
Converter, 2-channel Speaker Driver and 2-channel Earphone Driver in 40-pin QFN package. The
BI2016 can provide the 3 or 4-wire type earphone connection selection. It can also support popular
formats such as I2S and Left-Justified formats. The powerful Audio Volume Control includes
power-on Initial volume function, 32-Level Audio Volume Control, Mute Control and Output
Anti-Clipping function to provide low distortion sound quality.
Provide Auto Mute & Auto Wake-up functions to Save Power Under 2μA.
Operation Voltage:
- Digital Part:3.0 ~ 3.6V
- Speaker Driver:3.0 ~ 5.5V
Operation Frequency:
- Accept 256xFS or 45.1584 ~ 49.152MHz For Operation
- Provide On-Chip OSC Circuit For 45.1584 ~ 49.152MHz Crystal Connect
Audio Data Input Interface:
- When Select Master Mode, It Use Internal SRC with 49.152MHz for Operation Frequency,
- Accept 29 ~ 96KHz Wide Continue Sample Rate Range
- When Select Slave Mode, It Use External 256xFS Clock Source, Accept below 96KHz
Sample Rate
- Support I2S and Left-Justified Format
- Auto Adapt Word Length For Left & Right Channel In I2S & Left-Justified Mode
- Provide Left/Right Frame Select Exchange Function
- Provide Serial Clock Positive or Negative Edge Latch Data Select
- Provide Audio Data Input Interface In Master/Slaver Mode
Digital Audio Volume and Mute Control
Package Type: QFN40
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