COTO 9001-12-02

9000 Series / Molded SIP Reed Relays
High Performance SIP Reed Relays
The SIP relay is the industry standard when high reliability and consistent performance are desired in a compact package. The 9001 and
9002 are high performance relays ideally suited for Automatic Test
Equipment, Instrumentation, RF and Telecommunications applications. The specification tables allow you to select the appropriate relay
for your application.
Series Features
High Insulation Resistance - 1012 Ω minimum (1013 Ω typical)
High reliability, hermetically sealed contacts for long life (tested
to 1 Billion Operations)
High dielectric strength available, consult factory
High speed switching compared to electromechanical relays
Molded thermoset body on integral lead frame design
Coaxial Shield for 50 Ω impedance and switching of fast rise
time digital pulses - 9002 only
Optional Coil Suppression Diode - protects coil drive circuits
UL File # E67117, CSA File # LR 28537
Model 9001
Model 9002
Dimensions in Inches (Millimeters)
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9000 Series / Molded SIP Reed Relays
Top View:
Dot stamped
on relay refers
to pin #1
Grid = .1"x.1"
(2.54mm x 2.54mm)
Consult factory for life expectancy at other switching
Optional diode is connected to pin #2 (+) and pin
#3(-). Correct coil polarity must be observed.
9000 series part numbers designated with Form B
contacts, these relays contain bias magnets.
Correct coil polarity must be observed.
Consists of 56V Zener diode and 1N4148 diode in
series, connected in parallel with coil.
Environmental Ratings:
Storage Temp: -35°C to +100°C; Operating Temp: -20°C to +85°C
Solder Temp: 270°C max; 10 sec. max
The operate and release voltage and the coil resistance are
specified at 25°C. These values vary by approximately
0.4% / °C as the ambient temperature varies.
Vibration: 20 G’s to 2000 Hz; Shock: 50 G’s
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