PowerPC 405EXr
Embedded Processor
• Superior Price/Performance for Cost
Sensitive Wireless Access Applications
• Delivers 333 MHz to 533MHz
performance (506 to 810 DMIPs)
The PPC405EXr offers the performance of the market
leading PPC405 processor together with a high
performance suite of peripheral and memory interfaces, including PCI
Express, USB2.0 On-the-Go, DDR 2/1 and Gigabit Ethernet. The PPC405EXr also incorporates an advanced
security engine, featuring header/trailer processing capability and support for the broadest range of security
protocols, including IPSec, SSL, and DTLS. The PPC405EXr delivers exceptional performance and is ideally suited
for cost sensitive next generation Residential Gateway and IP-STB applications.
• Single 1-lane PCI Express port
• Supports up to 2 GBytes of DDR 2/1
• High performance Security Engine
(optional) supports IPSec, SSL, DTLS
and SRTP
• One 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC
• On-the-Go USB 2.0 port
• 8/16/32-bit External Peripheral Bus
• Two UARTs (UART0 with full hardware
modem flow control),
• 32 General Purpose I/Os
• Low power dissipation, small form
factor for high-density, powerconscious applications
The PowerPC 405 Core
Ethernet Interface MAC
The PowerPC 405 core has been optimized for
system on a chip designs requiring solid
performance, low cost, and low power
consumption. Performance is enhanced through
the use of separate instruction and data cache
units. A 5-stage pipeline further boosts
performance by offering single cycle execution of
most instructions, including loads and stores.
To ensure that the system level throughput to the
wired infrastructure can keep pace with the much
faster 802.11n data rates, the PowerPC405EXr is
equipped with a single gigabit Ethernet MAC that
is compliant with ANSI/IEEE std. 802.3 and IEEE
802.3u supplement. The gigabit MAC is compliant
with IEEE standard 802.3z. (Gigabit Ethernet), and
supports both half Duplex and Full Duplex
operations, as well as Wake On LAN support. In
addition, it supports 9KB Jumbo frames, GMII, MII,
and RGMII interfaces.
The PPC405EXr integrates the advanced EIP-94
security engine from SafeNet. This security engine
attaches directly to the PLB4 bus for the fastest
possible throughput between the PPC405
processor, memory, and the security engine itself.
The engine supports DES, 3DES, AES, and ARC-4
encryption, MD-5, SHA-1 and SHA-256 hashing. The
packet engine includes a pseudo random number
generator. The header/trailer protocol processor
eliminates any need for security protocol
processing by the PPC405 processor, freeing it to
handle application-based operations, while
improving overall security performance. The
engine incorporates an on-chip true random
number generator and a public key accelerator. The
algorithms are compliant with FIPS-140-2 and ANSI
X9.17 Annex C.
USB2.0 On-the-Go
Able to support either device or host modes, with
data rates of up to 480Mbps.
External Bus Controller (EBC)
EBC operates at up to 100MHz. It provides 8-, 16- or
32-bit data bus, 27-bit address bus, 4 chip selects,
and bus arbitration for ample space and flexibility
for large amounts of RAM, nonvolatile memory, and
external peripherals/ASICs. Both simple and multimaster configuration systems can be built.
Standard Peripherals
The PowerPC405EXr offers an array of standard onchip peripherals. Two UARTs (one with full
hardware modem flow control), watchdog timer,
and a 4-channel DMA controller capable of
transferring data to/from any PLB and OPB slave,
and external bus.
Development Tools Support
PowerPC embedded processors are supported by
AMCC and 100+ third-party vendors through the
PowerPC Embedded Tools program. This program
provides compilers, debuggers, real-time operating
systems, emulators, and a full range of tools to help
manufacturers develop products more quickly. A
PowerPC405EXr evaluation board kit is available to
help expedite product evaluation and project
PCI Express
DDR Memory Support
To ensure design flexibility, both DDR1 and DDR2
memory are supported at a maximum data rate of
400Mbps for DDR2.
To be ready for the next generation of 802.11n
wireless access devices, the 405EXr features a
1-lane PCI Express port. With greater bandwidth,
PCI Express is the preferred choice for high
throughput WLAN access Points, Gateways and IP
Set Top Boxes. The PCI Express port can support 2.5
Gb/s per lane (2Gb/s data due to 8b/10b coding).
PowerPC 405EXr
Dual Bus Architecture
The 405EXr features two on-chip buses: a processor local bus (PLB) as
well as an on-chip peripheral bus (OPB). High speed peripheral, such as
PCI Express, DDR2 and the Security Engine connect directly to the 128bit, PLB4 bus up to 200MHz. Less demanding devices are connected to
the 32-bit OPB Bus up to 100MHz. An external peripheral controller
supports the NAND and NOR flash memory as well as slave peripheral
PowerPC Partners Ecosystem
• 90nm CMOS Process
Performance (estimated)
• 506 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 333 MHz
• 810 Dhrystone 2.1 MIPS @ 533MHz
AMCC's embedded PowerPC processors are supported by an extensive
ecosystem of products and services from a wide range of leading
suppliers. AMCC's PowerPC Partners program includes industrystandard providers of:
• Embedded operating systems
• Hardware and software development tools
• Embedded software products and services
• Board-level products
• System design services
• Technical training.
For full details of the products and services available through the
PowerPC Partners program, or to browse support available for a specific
processor, visit
AMCC also provides an evaluation kit for this PowerPC processor,
including an optimized evaluation board, sample applications, and
other software.
• Processor Speed (frequency): From 333 to 533MHz
• Performance: 1.52 DMIPs/MHz (810 DMIPS @ 533 MHz peak)
• Single 1-lane PCI Express port
• Supports up to 2 GBytes of DDR 1/2 DRAM
• High performance Security Engine (optional) supports IPSec, SSL,
• DMA Controller with four independent channels
• One 10/100/1000 Ethernet MAC with MAL DMA support
• 8/16/32-bit External Peripheral Bus Controller
• External Bus Master Interface (EBMI)
• 2 UARTs (one with full hardware modem flow control)
• 32 GPIOs
• NAND Flash Controller
• Universal Interrupt Controller: 10 external interrupts
• On-the-Go USB 2.0 port
• JTAG and realtime trace support in processor core
• RoHS compliant (lead-free) version available
• 388-pin E-PBGA 27mm × 27mm (with 1mm ball pitch)
• CPU: 533 MHz Maximum
• PLB: 200 MHz Maximum
• OPB: 100 MHz Maximum
• External Bus: 100 MHz Maximum
Power Dissipation
• 1.5W typical
Case Temperature Range
• -40°C to + 85°C
Power Supply
• 1.2V (internal logic), 1.8V (DDR2), 2.5V (DDR1, Ethernet), 3.3V (1/0)
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