Value-for-money communications
for the modern business.
Technical specification
38 + CSQ
Operating frequency PMR446 (Licence-free frequencies)
446.00625 – 446.09375
Talk RangeUp to 8km (5 miles) can be achieved,
or exceeded, depending on
environment, terrain and conditions.
Hands-free (Vox) operation
Using the supplied headset (or any compatible accessory)
the radios can be used in a voice activated mode, leaving
your hands free to work.
Room Monitor
Radio can be positioned and set to detect voices or
sounds and transmit these back to the listening radio
without having to press the PTT
Interference eliminator codes
A choice of 38 interference eliminator codes can be set for
each of the 8 channels, providing a wide range of channel
settings and helping to avoid channel interference.
Power Source
Rechargeable NiMH battery pack (supplied) or 4 AAA alkaline batteries
Transmit power
0.5 watts
Typical battery life
18 hours (NiMH rechargeable),
30 Hours (Premium alkaline)
Height 178 mm (including antenna), 118mm (excluding antenna)
Width: 58 mm
Depth: 34 mm
174g (with Belt Clip & Battery
* Assumes 5% transmit, 5% receive, 90% standby
Auto Channel scan
All channels can be scanned and automatically detect
channel activity to enable use to respond quickly to multichannel communications
Radios are supplied
as a pair and
also include a
lightweight and
compact headset
to enable discrete
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Short-range business radio
Cost effective
Two-Way radio
from Motorola.
No licence fee,
airtime charges
or contracts.
Enabling instant and clear communications at the touch
of a button, the Motorola XTR446 has been developed
specifically for business and commercial users. The
XTR446 is a general-purpose two-way radio, ideal for
businesses needing to stay in touch with staff, colleagues
or team members in a local area or on the same site,
quickly, easily and economically.
Hotels & Restaurants
Electrical & Plumbing
Warehousing & Distribution
Leisure & Hospitality
Pubs & Clubs
Retail Outlets
Convenient, Flexible and Expandable
Designed for everyday use
The Motorola XTR446 provides you with all the
convenience and benefits of two-way communications
without the cost or hassle of obtaining an operating
licence. Complete flexibility is assured as any number of
new handsets can be added to your radio fleet at any time
to accommodate a growing workforce. Existing Motorola
PMR446 users can also expand their existing radio fleets
with XTR446 radios.
The XTR446 has been built to the high standards of
manufacturing, durability and reliability that users have
come to expect from Motorola, including Accelerated
Life testing to simulate 5 years use. The construction,
including a rubberised finish, ensures that XTR446 will
provide trouble-free communications.
Save time and enhance your business
performance with XTR446 two-way radios
Easy and simple to use
Whilst offering a range of useful features, the XTR446
remains simple and easy use – simply “press to talk” to
stay in touch around the business.
XTR446 has been designed to be lightweight, comfortable
and simple to use, offering superb audio clarity and clear
communications in a wide range of environments.
Cost-free operation
High performance rechargeable batteries ensure that
XTR446 can operate on long shifts without the need for
recharging. If required, XTR446 can also be fitted with
four standard AA (alkaline) batteries without the need of
an adapter, offering even greater flexibility.
No licence fee. No contract. No airtime charges. No bills.
Talk range
Motorola radios achieve the maximum possible range
legally permitted by the PMR446 regulations. Subject
to operating conditions, terrain and environment,
communication range of up to 8km / 5 miles can be
Customise the XTR446 with a Motorola original accessory
Replacement charger (UK/Euro)
Charging pod
Replacement earphones
Nylon carry case
Replacement NiMH battery