Development Board for
Mini Reader
Quick Start Guide
Rev. 1
Elatec GmbH
1. Introduction
The Mini Reader is a device for reading and writing RFID transponders. It
can communicate with a large range of transponder types in the frequency
range of 13.56MHz.
This Development Board allows investigation of the most important
interfaces of the Mini Reader module, like UART (via USB), GPIO and
2. Content of Package
Development Board
Elatec IDS CD
Cable Micro USB / USB-A
Rubber feet
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Elatec GmbH
3. Getting Started
3.1 Connect Mini Reader
To work with the Mini Reader, connect the module in the appropriate
connector of the Development Board.
IMPORTANT: Please be sure to connect the module in the right way (the
marking for pin 1 of Development Board and Mini Reader should match).
Otherwise the Mini Reader could be destroyed!
3.2 Cable Connection
In order to start operating a Mini Reader, it simply has to be connected to a
host. Plug in the USB Cable with the Mini USB plug to the Development
Board and the other one to a PC.
3.3 Power Up
Once the Board is connected to the host, a driver must be installed. If this is
not done automatically, you can download the driver for your operating
system on the FTDI website:
When the driver installation is finished, a new virtual COM port is installed
on the PC. Now you can set up a connection to the Mini Reader using this
COM port.
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3.4 Operation
The easiest way to communicate with the Mini Reader is the software
SmartISO.exe which you can find on the Elatec IDS CD in the directory
To setup a serial connection to the reader, just select the previously
installed virtual COM port (see 3.3), set the baudrate to 9600 and click the
Once the serial connection is established, you can click “Start” on the tab
“Read Serial Numbers”
3.5 Detection of a Transponder
Now just place a transponder near the Mini Reader and the SmartISO
Software will show the UID in the log window!
4. Service Address
In case of any technical questions, please contact:
Elatec GmbH
Lilienthalstr. 3
82178 Puchheim
Phone: +49 (0) 89 5529961 0
Fax: +49 (0) 89 5529961 29
Email: [email protected]
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