IQRF Multifunctional Sensor
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Demo SW v1.01
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SHD-SE-01 is an IQRF multifunctional wireless sensor
providing temperature, illumination and acceleration
measurement, real-time clock and EEPROM memory.
Low power design allows battery lifetime for several
The sensor can be adapted for user-specific functionality
by application software for microcontroller in internal
transceiver module with built in operating system.
For development of application SW the DS-SHD-SE-01
development set is available.
Key features
• Integrated smart RF transceiver with antenna
• Remote control and monitoring
• Selectable RF band 868 / 916 MHz, multiple channel
• Data logging
• Built-in MCU with operating system, TR-54D compatible
• Motion detection
• 3-axis accelerometer (G-sensor)
• Lightning and illumination control
• Temperature sensor
• Remote sensor for IQRF network
• Light sensor
• Access control
• RTCC (real time clock/calendar)
• Building automation
• Serial EEPROM
• Tactile switch
• LED indication
• Ultra low power consumption
• Integrated primary battery, lifetime for several years
• Programmable application in internal TR module
Block diagram
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Information contained in this publication regarding device applications and the like is provided only for your convenience
and may be superseded by updates. It is your responsibility to ensure that your application meets with your specifications.
PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE and disclaims all liability arising from this
information and its use. Use of MICRORISC devices in life support and/or safety applications is entirely at the buyer’s
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or expenses resulting from such use. No licenses are conveyed, implicitly or otherwise, under any MICRORISC
intellectual property rights.
Electrical specifications
Typical values unless otherwise stated
Parameters specified in this datasheet are typical values fo power supply 3 V only.
LiMnO2 CP502441, 3 V, 1200 mAh (primary cell)
Operating temperature
-30 °C to +60 °C
Supply current
Sleep mode
All functionality disabled
Additional supply current
MCU watchdog enabled
RTCC running, powered from VBAT
380 nA
800 nA
0.8 μA
Run mode
Additional supply current
RF IC enabled
RTCC, Light and G-sensors powered
G-sensor running
Temp. sensor and EEPROM powered
Temp. sensor or EEPROM active
LED on
1 mA (MCU running, RF IC disabled)
Rx mode
STD mode: 13 mA
LP mode: 330 μA (depends on interferences)
XLP mode: 25 μA (depends on interferences)
Tx mode
14 mA – 24 mA (according to RF output power)
1 mA
0.3 mA
10 μA (shutdown)
Refer to datasheets of respective ICs
2 mA
Nominal frequency
RF data modulation
RF data transmission bit rate
868.35 MHz or 916.50 MHz (software selectable)
See IQRF OS User's guide, Appendix 2, Channel maps
FSK (frequency-shift keying)
19.2 kb/s
RF sensitivity
-104 dBm (868 MHz), -102 dBm (916 MHz)
RF output power
Programmable in 8 levels (0 – 7), -2.5 dBm/level
RF range
Up to 380 m (strongly depends on device orientation and surroundings)
Temperature sensor accuracy
3D Accelerometer range
0.5°C (max) from 0°C to +60°C
1.0°C (max) from –20°C to 0°C
± 2 g / ± 8 g dynamically selectable full-scale
16 Kb, serial interface I2C, 1 000 000 erase / write cycles typ.
Size (L x W x H)
Storage temperature
77 mm x 27 mm x 8 mm
18 g
0 °C to +30 °C
Users have to ensure observing local provisions and restrictions relating to the use of short range devices by software,
e.g. the CEPT ERC/REC 70-03 Recommendation and subsequent amendments in EU.
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SHD-SE-01 is a generic equipment, i.e. the hardware is fixed
and specific functionality (communication with individual
peripherals, their control and readout) can be achived by
application software for internal MCU only.
SHD-SE-01 board, without battery
Power supply
SHD-SE-01 is supplied from built-in primary non-removable battery and protected by 100 mA resettable fuse. Energy
consumption should be minimized by software techniques in application program. Properly designed application software
allows battery lifetime of several years. SHD-SE-01 device is permanently powered on, delivered in sleep mode.
Complete functionality of the device is controlled by application program in MCU dedicated to TR module and equipped by
IQRF OS operation system. Refer to the documentation of development set DS-SHD-SE-01. Application SW should be
uploaded wirelessly.
Sleep mode
For minimizing of current consumption, it is possible to switch off individual functions and peripherals. Thus, to achieve long
battery lifetime, individual parts should be disabled in application program as much as possible and activated just in short
periods when necessary.
An ultra compact low-power three axis linear accelerometer (motion sensor).
Real Time Clock Calendar with programmable alarm output.
16 kb EEPROM memory. Data remains stored after power off. Overwriting is not unlimited, number of erase/write cycles is
1 000 000 typically.
Temperature sensor
Temperature is measured by precise optional digital on-board sensor.
Light sensor
Illumination is measured by the phototransistor.
Functionality of the pushbutton is fully under application software control.
Functionality of the LED is fully under application software control.
IQRF transceiver module
The RF circuitry is compatible with IQRF smart transceiver TR-54DA. The only exception is implementing one LED only
(instead of two, the green LED is not used).
SHD-SE-01 includes built-in PCB antenna.
The plastic case can not be disassembled.
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SHD-SE-01 is delivered with Demo software illustrating functionality of all on-board parts.
The device stays completely in sleep mode except of sending an RF packet with data acquired from all sensors and
peripherals (except of RTCC which is disabled due to power saving) whenever the button is shortly pressed. (The Demo
software is the same as for the DS-SHD-SE-01 development set but without periodic sending of packets in 64 s periods.)
This data can be received by another IQRF TR module, forwarded to PC to be displayed on the screen etc. No networking
is applied in this demo SW.
Application program should be uploaded in MCU via wireless RFPGM programming.
Refer to the documentation and source codes of development set DS-SHD-SE-01 for packet format and other details.
Response to the pushbutton and LED indication
• Short press (< 5 s, LED is on): RF packet sent
• Long press (> 5 s, LED is flashing): RFPGM mode. It can be cancelled by the pushbutton pressed for ~1 s or
automatically after ~1 min.
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Product information
Pack list
• SHD-SE-01
• Battery
IQRF multifunctional sensor, Demo SW uploaded, in sleep mode
Inside the case, non-removable
Ordering codes
• SHD-SE-01
• DS-SHD-SE-01
IQRF multifunctional sensor
Development set for IQRF multifunctional sensor SHD-SE-01
Product history
• HW v1.03
First release
Document history
• 130708
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First release
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