Serial Output Temperature Sensor Family

Serial Output Temperature Sensor Family
The TC74 is a temperature sensor with an on-board
thermal diode and an SMBus™ compatible interface. The
TCN75 is a temperature sensor with an on-board thermal
diode and a 2-wire serial interface. The TC72 and TC77
are temperature sensors with an on-board thermal diode
and an SPI™ compatible interface.
Microchip’s serial (digital) output temperature sensors
offer excellent temperature accuracy (±0.5°C typical)
with a very low operating current of less than 250 µA.
Communication with the devices is accomplished via an
industry standard SMBus or SPI compatible interface
protocol. A standby mode is also available for further
reducing the devices’ total current. All devices are
offered in space saving packages and feature very fast
temperature conversion times. Temperature resolution for
the entire family ranges from 0.0625°C to 1°C.
These temperature sensors are fully specified from 2.7V
to 5.5V and allow temperature measurement over an
extended -55°C to +125°C temperature range,
(-40°C to +125°C for the TC74). Several features provided
on select devices, address a broad application spectrum:
interrupt output for thermal event alarm, external address
pins for multi-drop capability, programmable trip point for
maximum flexibility and small footprints for saving board
High accuracy, low operating current, small size and
ease of use make these devices ideal for implementing
sophisticated thermal management schemes in a variety
of systems. Typical applications include, PCs, servers,
datacom equipment, hard drives, set-top boxes, storage
equipment, consumer electronics, power supplies,
communication devices, office electronics and amplifiers.
Typical accuracy as high as ±0.5°C
Operating current as low as 200 µA
2-wire SMBus™ compatible interface
3-wire to 4-wire SPI™ compatible interfaces
Standby mode for power savings, (as low as 0.1 µA)
High temperature resolution (0.0625°C to 1°C)
Fast temperature conversion times
Small SOT-23, MSOP and DFN packages
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Additional Information:
Microchip’s web site:
Microchip’s Technical Library CD-ROM, Order No. DS00161
Analog & Interface Families Data Book 2002, Order No. DS00207
Product Line Card, Order No. DS00148
2002 Technical Documentation Analog & Interface Product Families CD-ROM, Order No. DS51205
TC72 Data Sheet, DS21743
TC74 Data Sheet, DS21462
TC77 Data Sheet, DS20092
TCN75 Data Sheet, DS21490
Development Tools Support:
TC74 Evaluation and Demonstration Kit (DS21557): The TC74 Demo is an evaluation and demonstration board specifically
designed to support Microchip’s TC74, a 2-wire serial temperature sensor. Communication with the TC74 is accomplished
with a PC running the communication software.
Serial Output Temperature Sensor Family
Max Accuracy
(+25°C to +65°C)
# of Pins/
4-wire SPI™
-55°C to 125°C
2.65V to 5.5V
250 µA
0.1 µA
8MS, 8MF
Leadless package
2-wire SMBus™
-40°C to 125°C
2.7V to 5.5V
200 µA
5 µA
5AT, 5CT
TO-220 package
3-wire SPI
-55°C to 125°C
2.7V to 5.5V
250 µA
0.1 µA
8MS, 5CT
High resolution
2-wire SMBus
-55°C to 125°C
2.7V to 5.5V
250 µA
1 µA
8MS, 8SN
Interrupt output
Package Key: AT = TO-220
CT = SOT-23
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TC74 Demo Board
Demo Board for TC74 Digital Thermal Sensor
*Note: Requires MXDEV® Analog Evaluation Kit.
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