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Update Notification
Document # : UN21191X
Issue Date: 4 February 2016
Title of Change:
2H2015 – Update Notice for the reactivation of previously discontinued parts
Proposed first ship date:
4 February 2016
Contact information:
Contact your local ON Semiconductor Sales Office or [email protected]
Contact your local ON Semiconductor Sales Office or [email protected]
Additional Reliability Data:
Contact your local ON Semiconductor Sales Office or [email protected]
Type of notification:
ON Semiconductor will consider this change accepted, unless an inquiry is made in writing within 30 days of
delivery of this notice. To do so, contact <[email protected]>.
Change category:
Wafer Fab Change
Change Sub-Category(s):
Manufacturing Site Change/Addition
Manufacturing Process Change
Sites Affected:
All site(s)
not applicable
Assembly Change
Test Change
Other: Product Reactivation
Material Change
Product specific change
Datasheet/Product Doc change
Other: Product Reactivation
ON Semiconductor site(s) :
External Foundry/Subcon site(s)
Description and Purpose:
This is to formally inform customers of the reactivation of devices that were previously discontinued due to renewed customer Interest. Provided
in this UN are the rescinded parts.
List of affected Standard Parts:
TEM001153 Rev. C
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