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Product Bulletin
Document # : PB20833
Issue Date: 7 April 2015
Title of Change:
LC05132C01MTTTG Datasheet Update
Proposed first ship date:
7 April 2015
Contact information:
Contact your local ON Semiconductor Sales Office or Mutsuki Niki < [email protected]>
Type of notification:
ON Semiconductor considers this change approved unless specific conditions of acceptance are provided in
writing. To do so, contact <[email protected]>.
Change category(s):
Wafer Fab Change
Assembly Change
Test Change
Sites Affected:
All site(s)
not applicable
ON Semiconductor site(s) :
External Foundry/Subcon site(s):
Manufacturing Site Change/Addition
Manufacturing Process Change
Material Change
Site 1
Product specific change
Datasheet/Product Doc change
Other: _______________________
Site 2
Description and Purpose:
Change “Ta=Tj=” to “Ta=” on Feature and Electrical Characteristic condition of the Datasheet.
Ta = Tj =25℃ is modified Ta =25℃.
Ta = Tj = -20 to 60℃ is modified Ta = -20 to 60℃.
Ta = Tj = -30 to 70℃ is modified Ta = -30 to 70 ℃.
Ta = Tj = -30 to 90℃ is modified Ta = -30 to 90℃.
The purpose of this change is to clarify Feature and Electrical Characteristic condition
List of Affected Standard Parts:
TEM001094 Rev. D
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