Flexible Add/Drop
Fle xibility and Survivability for SDH-Based
Netw ork Ser vices
FLX600A is a highly flexible system that can be configured
into a number of possible operating modes. It can serve as a
hub or a digital cross-connect (DXC) system and is ideal for
building advanced ring, linear, and point-to-point networks.
The FLX network can be managed efficiently and cost
effectively using FLEXR ® Plus or FLEXR ® management
platforms. This can be done remotely using an X.25 link or
an LCN, or locally using a direct
Main F eatures
• Flexibility and upgradability (including in-service)
• Modular plug-in unit design
• High survivability against transmission failures (protection
of equipment and traffic at the line, path, and unit levels)
• Digital cross-connect capability allowing flexible traffic
• Quick and easy downloading of software upgrades from
the network management system
• Alarm and performance
reporting to the management
• Efficient maintenance
operation using orderwire,
housekeeping, and 64 kbps
user channel
Flexib le Configurations
Multiplexer : aggregates STM 4/16,
2/34/(45)/140 Mbps tributaries,
and STM-1/4
Hubbing (HUB): ideal as a
central node
Add/Drop (ADM): ideal for linear
networks (L-ADM) and ring networks (R-ADM)
Terminal (TRM): ideal for point-to-point networks
DXC systems: cross connects any pair of signals transferred
over STM-1/4/16 lines at any VC level and is ideal for a
simple meshed network and for an inter-ring application.
FLEXR® is a registered trademark of Fujitsu Network Communications, Inc.
Flexible Add/Drop
Featur es and Specifications
Aggregate Capacity
Network Management Interfaces
2 x STM-4 or 2 x STM-16
Local terminal interface:
Tributary Capacity
NMS interface:
Number of interface ports/unit:
2M: 21
34/45M: 3
Unit protection
2M(3:1)/34M, (45M), 140M,
STM-1 electrical (1+1)
1+1 MSP protection: STM-1 optical, STM-4
VC path protection: VC-12, VC-3, or VC-4
Others: 1
Maximum number of each interface port:
126 x 2M, 6 x 34M,
(6 x 45M), 4 x 140M,
4 x STM-1 electrical,
5 x STM-1 optical,
1 x STM-4
1 x STM 4/1 plus an additional STM-4 of capacity configured among
the interface options above, subject to some restrictions.
Cross-Connect Level
VC-12, VC-3, and VC-4
Cross-Connect Capacity
16 x STM-1 equivalent (1,008 x VC-12)
Synchronization interfaces
2.048 Mbps: ITU-T G.703 or 2.048 MHz: ITU-T G.703
Input Voltage Range
-48/-60 V DC nominal
Power Consumption
STM-4 linear ADM with 2M x 126 (3:1) and
STM-1 electrical (1+1) x 2 and STM-4 (1+1) x 1 tributaries: 330 W
Shelf Dimensions
875 (H) x 450 (W) x 280 (D) mm
Temperature Range
0 to 45˚C
Relative Humidity
Up to 95% at 25˚C
Specifications subject to change without notice.
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