MOLEX 19047-0001

ATP-201™ Air Tape Press
The ATP-201 (19047-0001) Air Tape Press is an
economical, electrically controlled, air powered
termination machine. It is designed to provide an
effective method for low cost, high quality terminations
of Molex tape carried products including 4 to 8 AWG
insulated and non-insulated terminals and 2 to 8 AWG
non-insulated BCL series lugs.
Features and Benefits
n A ccepts multiple, inexpensive die sets, which provide
production flexibility
n D ie set and product changeovers are quick and
easy, reducing production down time
n C ompact design and light weight make this unit
ideal for a production environment
n D ouble index feature allows products with double
spacing to process through this unit with the proper
die set
n Meets ISO standards
Voltage: 120V AC, 60 Hz
Air Pressure
95-110PSI (At the press)
6.55 / 7.58 Bar
Air Volume
1 Press 1.5 scfm (.00071m3/s)
Dimensions (with 24” reel mounting)
Height—889.00mm (35.00”)
Width —1009.60mm (39.75”)
Dimensions (without reel mounting)
Height—491.50mm (19.35”)
Width —355.60mm (14.00”)
Depth —279.40mm (11.00”)
Weight: Gross —220.4kg (100lbs.)
Unpacked —165.4kg (75 lbs.)
Tape Reel Sizes
355.60mm (14.00”)
635.00mm (24.00”)
Production Rate
Dependent on terminal product selection and operator
Single Index: 2800 per hour
Double Index:2500 per hour
Order No.
Used With
Tape carried product, 4 to 8 AWG insulated and non-insulated terminals and 2 to 8 AWG
non-insulated BCL lugs
*ATP-201 Air Tape Press
*Press accepts multiple die sets (not ATP-301 die sets). Review Molex tape product part number on Molex web site to see the proper die set for ATP-201 that is linked. If unable to find the proper die set, please call
1-800-786-6539 and speak with a Molex Inside Sales representative
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