PIC24F Accessory Development Starter Kit for Android
Part Number: DM240415
The Microchip PIC24F Accessory Development Start Kit for Android™ is a
standalone board used for evaluating and developing electronic accessories for
Google’s Android operating system for smartphones and tablets.
This starter kit bundles five major components:
16-bit PIC24F Development Board
PICkit 3 In-Circuit Debugger (PG164130)
• RJ-11 to ICSP Adapter (AC164110)
• 9V Power Supply (AC002014)
• Royalty Free, No Fee Licensed Software Library
Board Features:
PIC24F 16-bit PIC® MCU with USB OTG
• Type A USB connector
• User interface buttons
• LEDs and potentiometer
• Device charger circuitry up to 500mA
Arduino footprint compatible for prototyping