Single-chip decoders for professional customers
CS24 Digital Audio/Video Decoders
Figure 1: IBM’s single-chip digital audio/video
decoders integrate advanced features for highperformance solutions.
! Single-chip decoders for
Enabling cost-effective,
A flexible, single-chip solution for
value-added products
high-performance systems
The IBM MPEG-2 digital audio/video
IBM’s family of CS24 decoders
decoders, CS24, CS24E, CS24D,
features an integrated transport
and CS24DE, are advanced, high-
stream demultiplexer, MPEG-2 video
performance chips designed to satisfy
decoder, dual audio decoders, and
the needs of customers developing
an SDRAM interface. By integrating
professional audio/video products.
these features on a single chip, the
These single-chip decoders are
decoders enable more complex
intended for professional audio/video
designs while helping to reduce
editing, broadcast, and a range of
design time and effort.
emerging applications.
Integrated transport
The IBM family of CS24 decoders
stream demultiplexer
can decode MPEG-2 4:2:2 Profile at
The integrated transport stream
Main Level video, Main Profile at Main
demultiplexer accepts continuous
Level (MP @ ML) video, and MPEG-2
input at a rate of up to 160 Mb/sec in
audio/video editing, broadcast,
stereo Layers I & II (CD-quality) audio.
parallel format or 60 Mb/sec in serial
and emerging applications
The CS24D and CS24DE also offer
format. Compliant with the ISO/IEC
! Family of professional audio/
the ability to decode Dolby® Digital
13818-1 system layer standard, it
video decoders provides
audio.* The new members of the
incorporates a range of capabilities.
advanced technology to satisfy
CS24 decoder family, the CS24E
These include data error reporting
diverse decoding requirements
and CS24DE, provide all of the features
and concealment, programmable
of their counterparts (the CS24 and
PID and table filtering, and flexible
CS24D, respectively) with enhance-
packet-data routing. These features
ments such as encoded Dolby Digital
assist in the design of very-high-
pass-through. Together, these four
performance, complex systems
CS24 decoders give our customers a
using fewer external components.
! High levels of integration help
enable robust designs
! World-class technical support
helps make system design, test,
and deployment more efficient
broad selection of functionality for
designing value-added products
quickly and affordably.
MPEG-2 video decoder
pan and scan, on-screen display
MPEG-2 Layers I & II audio in
The integrated video decoder is
support, 3:2 pulldown support, VBI
compliance with the ISO/IEC
compliant with the ISO/IEC 13818-2
output support, and audio and video
13818-3 standard and can also
standards for 4:2:2 Profile at Main
synchronization are all incorporated
decode Dolby Digital audio, thereby
Level video and MP @ ML video
into these decoders. An on-chip
providing the latest technology for
decoding. In addition, the video
SDRAM memory interface, supporting
digital and audio systems. The entire
decoder is capable of decoding both
4-MB and 8-MB memory configura-
family of CS24 decoders offers a
elementary streams and packetized
tions, helps enable more flexible,
built-in phase-locked loop for audio/
elementary streams at rates of up to
affordable designs.
video synchronization and the
flexibility to support multiple audio
50 Mb/sec. This capability enables
high-bandwidth broadcast and
Dual audio decoders
studio-quality applications.
The dual audio decoders, which can
sampling rates and outputs.
operate simultaneously, support
Tools for simplified design
The video decoder offers features
robust designs like multi-language
To assist customers in their product
that provide design flexibility for
applications requiring multiple audio
development efforts, IBM offers
emerging, high-performance applica-
streams. The decoders can be
design tools, including an evaluation
tions. Horizontal and vertical filtering,
configured to decode MPEG-1 and
card and card schematics.
Figure 2: IBM CS24 block diagram
CS24E and CS24DE enhancements
being decoded by the chips. This
The new CS24 family of decoders,
information includes data such
the CS24E and CS24DE, offer the
as video bit rate, audio bit rate,
functions and capabilities of their
audio sample rate, and a host of
earlier counterparts with the following
other statistics.
Outstanding Technology and Technical
Encoded Dolby Digital Pass-Through
Customer Support Help Make Design
The CS24E chip can accept com-
Integration Easier
pressed Dolby AC/3 data and pass
When you use CS24 decoders, you
it, undecoded, through the SPDIF
get the IBM Blue Logic® CMOS and
output port. This encoded Dolby
packaging technologies to help you
stream can then be decoded by
incorporate more functionality into
other external devices.
smaller, more economical products.
You also get the benefit of the CS24
SMPTE 302M Support
decoder support team’s close ties to
The CS24E and CS24DE chips can
IBM Research — one of the most
accept SMPTE 302M audio data
prominent research organizations in
in the transport stream and play
our industry. And with online access to
that data over the analog ports of
technical support documentation, as
the chip.
well as access to application engin-
Enhanced Audio/Video Statistical Output
The CS24E and CS24DE decoders
eering support, you don’t need to face
your development challenges alone.
can provide expanded information
For more information, visit our Web
about the audio and video streams
site at
0.25-micron process, 4 levels of metal
Ambient temperature
0° C to 70° C
Nominal supply voltage
3.3 volts +/- 5%, 2.5 volts +/- 5%
Power dissipation
1 watt (nominal)
208-pin, 28-mm PQFP
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