Agilent HHBA-5418, HHBA-5420
Low Profile, 2 Gb/s, Dual Port PCI-X
to Fibre Channel Adapters
Product Overview
Product Description
The HHBA-5418/20 are Agilent’s
low profile, 2 Gb/s, dual-port PCI-X
to Fibre Channel Adapters for high
performance storage area networks and clustering environments. These products feature two
independent fibre channel ports
and a PCI-X interface for increased
connectivity and higher bandwidth. The low profile host adapters are specifically designed for
use in 1U and 2U servers.
Performance and Scalability
Based on Agilent’s Tachyon DX2
single-chip Fibre Channel
controller, the HHBA-5418/20
eliminate performance bottlenecks
and inter-operability issues
associated with dual-port adapters
using multi-chip controllers and
PCI-to-PCI bridge implementations. Agilent’s proven Finite State
Machine (FSM) architecture allows
performance to scale seamlessly
with increased server CPU power.
By contrast, processor-based
adapters are limited by the
maximum performance of the
processor itself.
The combination of Agilent’s 2 Gb
Fibre Channel technology and
133 MHz PCI-X delivers unparalleled performance, scalability and
connectivity. The HHBA-5418 and
HHBA-5420 products accommodate
1 Gb/s and 2 Gb/s fibre channel
devices without hardware modification, preserving investments in
legacy systems as well as allowing
seamless migration toward new
2 Gb/s SAN installations.
Compatible with SAN environments
The HHBA-5418/20 ensures full
backward compatibility with
33/66 MHz PCI while providing a
smooth upgrade path to the next
generation, 133 MHz PCI-X.
• Low profile, MD2 short card
• Two independent 2 Gb/s Fibre
Channel ports for a combined
bandwidth of 800 MB/s
• 64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X
– Up to 1 GB/s PCI-X bus transfer
– Backward compatible with
33/66 MHz PCI
– 3.3V PCI/PCI-X
• Auto speed negotiation at 1 or
2 Gb/s
• LED speed link indicator
• Loop and fabric support
• FC class 3
• Supports fibre channel arbitrated
loop (FC-AL) including public loop
and fabric (F- and FL-port login)
• Optical and copper media
– HHBA-5418/20: Small Form
Factor Pluggable (SFP) for either
optical transceiver or copper
• Storage Area Networks (SANs)
• Clustering
• Back-up
• Near on-line storage
• Video editing and CAD
• Data mining
• Data warehousing
Fibre Channel Operation
Data Rate
Auto-Speed Negotiation
FC Service Class
Upper Layer Protocol
Loop Initialization
Link Diagnostics
Link Speed
PCI Interface
Width & Rate
Burst Transfer Rate
Dual Address Cycle Support
Hot Plug Support
Additional PCI Features
Tachyon DX2 Architectural Features
Complete Hardware-based Design
Physical and Environmental
Form Factor
PCB Power
Supply Voltage
Operating Temperature Range
Storage Temperature Range
Relative Humidity
Software Support
Tachyon Software Developer’s Kit
FCC Class B
C-TICK (AZ/NZS 3548)
2 Gb/s per port: 200 MB/s (half duplex), 400 MB/s (full duplex)
1 or 2 Gb/s
Arbitrated Loop – Public and Private, Fabric support (F- and FL-login)
Class 3
SCSI FCP – On-chip automation of complete SCSI I/O
Completely hardware-based for high availability
Link Status indicators, internal/external loopback
2 Gb and 1 Gb status indicator
PCI-X Addendum, Rev 1.0a
PCI-X Local Bus Specification 1.0a
PCI Local Bus Specification 2.2
ACPI/Power Management Specification
Hardware Design Guide for Windows NT Server, version 2.0
64-bit, 133 MHz PCI-X
1 GB/s
Zero wait state multiple cache line bursting capable up to full frame size, 32-byte cache line
Less than one interrupt per I/O (tunable via software)
Backward compatible with Tachyon XL2 programming interface
Up to 6 split reads (3 per channel)
Message Signaled Interrupt
Programmable max burst length
Low Profile PCI Card, MD2 form factor (length 6.6" x height 2.536")
4W max at 3.3V ± 10%
3.3V ± 10%
0° to 55° Centigrade (no airflow)
-40° to 70° Centigrade
up to 90% (non-condensing)
Windows 2000
Linux Environments
VX Works
US/FDA/CDRH Laser AEL Class 1 (2 CFR)
TÚV Rheinland Laser AEL Class 1 (EN60825-1+A11)
Product Offering
Low Profile Products
Single Adapter card with SFP cage
Bulk packaging includes Adapter card with SFP cage
Bulk packaging includes Adapter card with SFP LC optical transceiver
Standard Products
Single Adapter card with SFP cage
Bulk packaging includes Adapter card with SFP cage
Bulk packaging includes Adapter card with SFP LC optical transceiver
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