TI PCI1512

SLLA231 – JUNE 2006
CardBus Controller
A 216-Terminal MicroStar BGA™ PBGA
(GVF/ZVF) Package
2.5-V Core Logic and 3.3-V I/O with Universal
PCI Interfaces Compatible with 3.3-V and 5-V
PCI Signaling Environments
Integrated Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
LDO-VR) Eliminates the Need for an External
2.5-V Power Supply
Mix-and-Match 5-V/3.3-V 16-Bit PC Cards and
3.3-V CardBus Cards
A Single PC Card or CardBus Slot with Hot
Insertion and Removal
Parallel Interface to TI TPS2211A Single-Slot
PC Card Power Switch
Burst Transfers to Maximize Data Throughput
with CardBus Cards
Interrupt Configurations: Parallel PCI,
Serialized PCI, Parallel ISA, and Serialized
Serial EEPROM Interface for Loading
Subsystem ID, Subsystem Vendor ID, and
Other Configuration Registers
Pipelined Architecture for Greater Than
130-Mbps Throughput from CardBus-to-PCI
and from PCI-to-CardBus
Up to Five General-Purpose I/Os
Programmable Output Select for CLKRUN
Five PCI Memory Windows and Two I/O
Windows Available for the 16-Bit Interface
Two I/O Windows and Two Memory Windows
Available to the CardBus Socket
Exchangeable-Card-Architecture- (ExCA-)
Compatible Registers Are Mapped in Memory
and I/O Space
Intel™ 82365SL-DF and 82365SL Register
Ring Indicate, SUSPEND, PCI CLKRUN, and
Socket Activity LED Terminal
PCI Bus Lock (LOCK)
Internal Ring Oscillator
The Texas Instruments PCI1512 device, a 216-terminal MicroStar BGA™ single-slot CardBus controller
designed to meet the PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification for PCI to CardBus Bridges, is an
ultralow-power high-performance PCI-to-CardBus controller that supports a single PC card socket compliant with
the PC Card Standard (Revision 7.2). The controller provides features that make it the best choice for bridging
between PCI and PC Cards in both notebook and desktop computers. The PC Card Standard retains the 16-bit
PC Card specification defined in the PCI Local Bus Specification and defines the 32-bit PC Card, CardBus,
capable of full 32-bit data transfers at 33 MHz. The controller supports both 16-bit and CardBus PC Cards,
powered at 5 V or 3.3 V, as required.
The controller is compliant with the PCI Local Bus Specification, and its PCI interface can act as either a PCI
master device or a PCI slave device. The PCI bus mastering is initiated during CardBus PC Card bridging
transactions. The controller is also compliant with PCI Bus Power Management Interface Specification (Revision
All card signals are internally buffered to allow hot insertion and removal without external buffering. The
controller is register-compatible with the Intel 82365SL-DF and 82365SL ExCA controllers. The controller
internal data path logic allows the host to access 8-, 16-, and 32-bit cards using full 32-bit PCI cycles for
maximum performance. Independent buffering and a pipeline architecture provide an unsurpassed performance
level with sustained bursting. The controller can also be programmed to accept fast posted writes to improve
system-bus utilization.
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SLLA231 – JUNE 2006
Multiple system-interrupt signaling options are provided, including parallel PCI, parallel ISA, serialized ISA, and
serialized PCI. Furthermore, general-purpose inputs and outputs are provided for the board designer to
implement sideband functions. Many other features designed into the PCI1512 controller, such as a socket
activity light-emitting diode (LED) outputs, are discussed in detail throughout this document.
An advanced complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) process achieves low system power
consumption while operating at PCI clock rates up to 33 MHz. Several low-power modes enable the host
power-management system to further reduce power consumption.
This product is for high-volume PC applications only. For a complete datasheet or
more information contact [email protected]
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