E2625A Communication Mask Test Kit
E2698A Ethernet Masks
The Infiniium E2625A
Communication Mask Test
Kit and E2698A Ethernet
Masks build on the Infiniium
oscilloscopes’ ease-of-use legacy
by making communications
conformance testing accessible
with one mouse click. Infiniium’s
familiar Windows® XP Pro open
operating system enables you
to quickly and easily load mask
templates to the oscilloscope
application and configure mask
testing. As an added feature,
the Communication Mask Test
Kit includes a set of electrical
communication adapters to ensure
convenient, reliable, and accurate
connections to your device under
test. In addition, if you are looking
for advanced electrical validation
of your 1000BASE-T, 100BASE-TX
and 10BASE-T Ethernet signals,
you can try the Agilent N5392A
Ethernet electrical performance
validation and conformace
software which runs on the
Infiniium oscilloscopes.
• 43 industry-standard
ANSI T1.102, ITU-T G.703,
and IEEE 802.3 communication
signal mask
• Mask testing for positive
and negative pulses
• Electrical communication
adapters optimized for use
with the Agilent Infiniium
AutoProbe Interface
• FCC Part 68 Option A, B, and
C masks for “line build-out”
testing of DS1/T1 signals
• Automatic “isolated ones”
triggering for some pulse
mask types
• Flagging of out-of-specification
waveform amplitudes for ANSI
T1.102 masks
• Mask failure waveform
characterization with
features such as color-graded
persistence, histograms, drag
and drop measurements and
eye diagram measurements
• Ability to load user-defined
masks from ASCII text files
• Screen annotation for
complete documentation of
measurements to electronic
files or printers
• Familiar Windows® graphical
user interface
• One-button alignment for best
fit of mask templates to test
waveforms for standard that
allow scaling and/or offset
• Built-in LAN interface for
connecting your scope to PCs,
network printers and other
Infiniium oscilloscopes
• Automatic pass/fail
comparison of mask
templates to corresponding
input waveforms
• Remote programmability of
mask test features using GPIB
commands for automated
test applications
• Failure highlighting for
fast identification of mask
failure areas
Easy Mask Setup
The E2625A Communication
Mask Template library and the
E2698A Ethernet Masks come
on 1.44 MB floppy disks. If you
have a recent Agilent Infiniium
oscilloscope, you'll find that these
mask templates are already preinstalled in C:\scope\masks\
comms. Configuring a mask test
is fast and easy. The mask test
dialog box lets you select the
oscilloscope channel and display
masks contained in the mask
template library. Once your test
is configured, you can dismiss the
dialog box to maximize waveform
viewing area and control your
test directly using pop-up menus.
You’ll see an on-screen indication
of the current mask and its data
The E2625A Communication Mask Template library includes the
following masks:
Mask Template
Data Rate
ANSI T1.102
1.544 Mb/s
2.048 Mb/s
3.152 Mb/s
6.312 Mb/s
44.736 Mb/s
DS4NA (eye)
139.264 Mb/s
DS4NA (max)
139.264 Mb/s
STS1 (eye)
51.840 Mb/s
STS1 (pulse)
51.840 Mb/s
STS3 (eye)
155.520 Mb/s
STS3 (max)
155.520 Mb/s
FCC Part 68.308 Option A
1.544 Mb/s
FCC Part 68.308 Option B
1.544 Mb/s
FCC Part 68.308 Option C
1.544 Mb/s
51.840 Mb/s
155.520 Mb/s
622.080 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
100 Mb/s
100 Mb/s
E1 (120 ohm)
2.048 Mb/s
E1 (75 ohm)
2.048 Mb/s
8.448 Mb/s
34.368 Mb/s
E4 (0)
139.264 Mb/s
E4 (1)
139.264 Mb/s
E4 (1) Inverted
139.264 Mb/s
1.544 Mb/s
DS2 (110 ohm)
6.312 Mb/s
DS2 (75 ohm)
6.312 Mb/s
44.736 Mb/s
STM1E (0)
155.520 Mb/s
STM1E (1)
155.520 Mb/s
STM1E (1) Inverted
155.520 Mb/s
IEEE 802.3
ITU-T G.703
The E2698A Ethernet Masks provide mask templates for the
following standards:
Mask Template
Data Rate
IEEE 802.3
1000BASE-T (points A, B, C, D, F, H)
250 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
10 Mb/s
100 Mb/s
100 Mb/s
Once you’ve chosen the
appropriate mask, simply
click on the Align button to
automatically perform a fast,
exhaustive search for the
optimum fit of the mask to
the test signal (some
communication standards do not
allow for any margin adjustment;
thus, the align function is not
available in all cases). This
virtually eliminates the need
for manual adjustments to your
oscilloscope. This is an especially
valuable feature for production
test applications.
Some communication standards
use the same template for testing
conformance on negative and
positive pulses. For those cases,
an option is available to simply
Invert Mask.
The length of a mask test can be
set to run until forever, run until
a defined number of waveforms
have been captured, or run for
a defined amount of time. An
option is also available that
allows you to stop acquiring after
a mask failure is detected.
Running a Mask Test
Once your mask kit is configured,
you can close the mask test setup
dialog box. Below the waveform
viewing area, you now have
controls to start and stop a mask
test. Additionally, you can see a
readout of the total number of
waveform points that failed in
each region of the mask template,
along with the total number of
waveforms captured and the total
number of failed waveforms.
Use the mouse or Infiniium’s
keyboard to add labels or notes
to your screen images, then save
them to the floppy or hard disk.
The built-in LAN interface makes
it easy to transfer these images
to network computers so you can
share or document your work.
You can also print the waveform
to local or network printers.
E2625A Communications Mask Test
Kit provides a 1.44MB floppy with the
mask templates as well as a number of
hardware connectors and adapters.
“Isolated ones” triggering
In some communication
standards, it is necessary to
isolate a pulse for mask testing
to eliminate intersymbol
interference caused by adjacent
pulses. Infiniium’s E2625A
Communications Mask Test Kit
makes this easy through the use
of “isolated ones” triggering for
pulse mask templates, eliminating
the need for sophisticated pattern
generators. When you load
in a pulse mask, Infiniium
automatically sets up the
trigger to capture an “isolated
one” pattern as defined by
the particular communication
Connecting to your device under test
Product compliance testing
requires proper connection
to your communications
device. Included in the E2625A
Communications Mask Test Kit
is a set of electrical termination
adapters and adapter cables to
ensure convenient, reliable, and
accurate connections to your
device under test. The kit also
includes system performance
accessories and the Mask Template
Library software—all packaged in
a protective, hard-shell case.
E2621A 100/110/120-ohm
differential termination adapter
The E2621A ac-coupled, balanced
adapter is included in the E2625A
Communications Mask Test Kit.
The E2621A allows connection
to differential communications
signals by terminating the signal
into 100, 110, or 120 ohms. It
also adapts various connector
styles (i.e., bantam, RJ48C, and
Siemens) to the oscilloscope’s
BNC input. You can select the
termination impedance using the
built-in three-way switch. The
Infiniium AutoProbe interface
allows the oscilloscope to
recognize the E2621A and read
the termination switch setting.
Furthermore, Infiniium will
flag you when the switch setting
differs from the standard’s
required termination impedance.
E2622A 75-ohm termination adapter
The E2622A is also included in
the Communications Mask Test
Kit. The E2622A dc-coupled,
unbalanced adapter allows
connection to single-ended
signals by terminating the signal
into 75 ohms. Various BNC
adapters can be attached to its
input. The Infiniium AutoProbe
interface allows the oscilloscope
to recognize the E2622A and
automatically configure itself.
The E2622A complies with the
following ANSI T1.102 and ITU-T
G.703 standards:
(44,736 Mb/s)
(139.264 Mb/s)
(51.840 Mb/s)
(155.520 Mb/s)
(155.520 Mb/s)
The E2621A complies with the
following ANSI T1.102 and ITU-T
G.703 standards:
(2.048 Mb/s)
(8.448 Mb/s)
(34.368 Mb/s)
(1.544 Mb/s)
(139.264 Mb/s)
(2.048 Mb/s)
(3.152 Mb/s)
Bandwidth (-3dB)
<1 GHz*
(6.312 Mb/s)
Rise Time
<350 ps
(2.048 Mb/s)
5X (–14 dB) ± 1.5%
Bandwidth (-3dB)
<10 kHz to >100 MHz
Rise Time
<3.5 ns
5X (–14 dB) ± 3%
(50 kHz to 30 MHz)
* Full bandwidth only achievable with the 54832B/D,
54833A/D, 5484xA/B and 5485xA oscilloscopes
The E2625A Communications Mask Test Kit is compatible with the
8000, 9000 and 90000 Series oscilloscopes:
The E2698A Ethernet Masks are compatible with Infiniium 9000 and
90000 Series oscilloscopes:
Ordering Information
The E2625A Communications Mask Test Kit provides the following:
Mask Template Library Floppy Disk
E2621A 100/110/120-ohm balanced termination adapter with bantam (f) connector
E2622A 75-ohm unbalanced termination adapter with BNC (f) connector
Bantam (m) to Siemens (f) adapter cable; for connection to E2621A adapter when a Siemens (f) connection is needed
Dual-bantam (m) to RJ48C (m) adapter cable; for connection of either transmit or receive T1 signals to E2621A adapter
RJ48C (f) to RJ48C (f) adapter/coupler
Bantam (m) to BNC (f); for self calibration of E2621A adapter and the Infiniium oscilloscope
BNC (m) to BNC (f) 50-to-75 ohm adapter; for self calibration of E2622A adapter and the Infiniium oscilloscope
BNC (m) to BNC (m) cable; 30 cm long
Hard-shell case for storage of all kit accessories
The E2698A Ethernet Masks provides the following:
Six 1000BASE-T Masks
Two 100BASE-TX Masks
Four 10BASE-T Masks
Purchase of the E2625A Communications Mask Test Kit is not required to use the E2698A Ethernet Masks.
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