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Meter types:
Meter resolutions:
Meter accuracies:
Separate 4 digit meters for voltage and current with
12.5mm (0.5") LED displays.
10mV, 10mA.
Voltage ±(0.2% + 1 digit)
Current ±(0.5% + 1 digit).
Electrical safety:
High power levels in a compact & lightweight casing
35V-10A & 18V-20A models with more to come
Bench or rack mounting, front & rear terminals
Very low noise, excellent transient reponse
CV & CI operation with automatic crossover
Comprehensive protection including variable OVP trip
High setting resolution, remote sense terminals
High accuracy digital meters, current meter damping
Keyboard/Rotary setting of all parameters (TSX-P)
Watts display, non-volatile storage of 25 settings (TSX-P)
Fully programmable with bus readback of V and I (TSX-P)
GPIB (.2) & RS232 interfaces (TSX-P)
Model Range:
TSX1820 - Single output, 0 to 18V at 0 to 20A.
TSX3510 - Single output, 0 to 35V at 0 to 10A.
TSX1820P - 0 to 18V at 0 to 20A, GPIB & RS-232 interfaces.
TSX3510P - 0 to 35V at 0 to 10A, GPIB & RS-232 interfaces.
FRONT PANEL CONTROLS (standard versions)
Voltage setting:
Current setting:
Overvoltage setting:
Output On/Off:
Via single rotary controls for coarse and fine control.
Via single turn semi-logarithmic rotary control.
Via screwdriver adjustable preset potentiometer.
Via large paddle lever switch.
Voltage setting:
Current setting:
Overvoltage setting:
Output On/Off:
Direct keyboard entry or quasi-analogue
rotary control.
Direct keyboard entry or quasi-analogue
rotary control.
Direct keyboard entry.
Push button with dual indicator lamps.
Note: all voltage and current levels set via the keyboard are displayed on
a separate 0.3" 4 digit display. This entry preview system ensures that
the user can observe the value entered before it is effected thus avoiding
possible error. The display is also used for setting additional functions
and for displaying watts.
Additional keyboard
Constant voltage or constant current with automatic
Voltage range:
0V to 35V (TSX3510/TSX3510P).
0V to 18V (TSX1820/TSX1820P).
Current range:
0A to 10A (TSX3510/TSX3510P).
0A to 20A (TSX1820/TSX1820P).
Overvoltage protection: 10% to 110% of max. output voltage.
Setting resolution:
10mV, 10mA.
Load regulation:
<0.01% of max. O/P for 90% change.
Line regulation:
<0.01% of max. O/P for 10% change.
Output impedance:
<1mΩ in constant voltage mode.
>5kΩ in constant current mode.
Ripple & noise:
<1mV RMS typical in constant voltage.
<3mA RMS typical in constant current.
HF common mode noise: Typically <3mV RMS, <10mV pk.
Transient load response:<20us to within 50mV of set level for 90% load
Temperature coefficient: typically <100ppm/oC.
Overvoltage protection
Protection functions:
Overvoltage trip, Regulator overtemperature
Sense miswiring.
Status indication:
Output on/off lamp, Constant voltage mode lamp
Constant current mode lamp, Trip message.
Output switch:
Output terminals:
4mm output terminals at front, screw terminals for
output and sense at rear.
Output protection:
Full forward and reverse protection via OVP and diode clamp.
Complies with EN61010-1.
Complies with EN50081-1 and EN50082-1.
+5oC to +40oC operating, 20% to 80% RH, -40oC to
+70 C storage.
210 x 130 x 350mm (WxHxD)
(half rack width x 3U height), optional rack mounting
kit available.
5.0kg (TSX versions).
5.5kg (TSX-P versions).
Operating modes:
Increase or decrease voltage or current in
user-selectable steps (delta mode).
Store/recall voltage, current & OVP levels from
non-volatile memory (25 memories).
Set digital interface type (RS232 or GPIB), set baud
rate, set address.
IEEE-488 (GPIB):
Operational functions:
Setting resolution:
Setting accuracy:
Response times:
Readback resolution:
Readback accuracy:
Operating software:
Variable baud rate, 9600 baud maximum, 9 pin D
connector (male). Fully compatible with standard
RS232 or TTi addressable RS232 system (ARC).
Conforming with IEEE488.1 & IEEE488.2.
Set voltage; set current; set OVP; set output On/Off;
read output voltage/current.
Voltage - 10mV; Current - 10mA.
Voltage - ±(0.1% + 10mV);
Current - ±(0.2% + 20mA).
Interface - <15ms (single command);
PSU - Depends on Load conditions, typically 150ms
to within 0.1% of final value (except for voltage reduction with low load current which will be longer).
Voltage - 10mV; Current - 10mA.
Voltage - ±(0.1% + 1 digit);
Current - ±(0.5% +1 digit).
Software for operating the PSUs under GPIB or
RS232 control is available including a Labwindows*
driver and ARC-TALK software for a PC.
Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd. operates a policy of continuous development
and reserves the right to alter specifications without prior notice.
Designed and built in the EEC by:
Input voltage range:
180V to 270V RMS, 90V to 135V RMS, 47 to 63Hz.
Power requirement:
750VA max.
Voltage range selection: Rear panel slide switch.
Note: This is a faxable data sheet, a colour brochure is also available.
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