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Edco TER Series
Single Pair Medium Duty Low Voltage Zone/Horn/Strobe/Data
The Edco TER surge suppressor directly installs onto electronic circuit wiring
terminal screws. This close proximity preserves Edco TER’s response time, clamping
level and ground reference by eliminating lead lengths. The Edco TER’s miniature
size fits directly inside fire or security panels, CCTV housings and other system
electronic enclosures. These features maximize surge suppression performance
while reducing hardware and labor costs to install.
General Technical Specifications
Operating Voltage
40 VDC
Clamping Voltage
43 VDC
Operating Current
Peak Pulse Current (10 x 1000 μs)
043 = 46.5 A
Frequency Range
0 to 20 MHz
Insertion Loss
< 0.1 dB at 20 MHz
SPD Technology
Silicon Avalanche Diode (SAD)
Connection Type
Terminal block w/compression lugs
Terminals accept up to 12 AWG
Operating Temperature
Dimensions (in / mm)
Weight (oz / kg)
-40°C to +85°C
1.3˝ H x 0.4˝ W x 2.0˝ L
[33.02 x 10.16 x 50.8 mm]
0.6 oz [0.02 kg]
UL 497B
5 years
Ordering Information
■■ Fits Euro style and barrier strip
■■ Automatic recovery
■■ Single pair protection
■■ High energy silicon avalanche
■■ UL 497B listed
■■ Operating current > 2 Amps
■■ Compact size:
1.3˝ H x 0.4˝ W x 2.0˝ L
[33.02 x 10.16 x 50.8 mm]
■■ 5 year warranty
12 VDC, 24 VDC, 25 VAC Systems
Zone, Buss, Loop, Data, Receive, Bell, Horn, Strobe, Pan/Tilt & CCTV
Installation Instructions
1. Install zone or loop circuit wires (1 pair) at the
vacant end of the Edco TER. Torque terminal screws
to 3.5 in. lbs. max.
2. Slip the Edco TER’s Rigid Mounting Prongs into
the panels designated Zone or Loop terminals and
3. Using a 16-12 AWG solid wire, attach all Edco TERs
via the center ground terminal. Run this wire to
your panel’s “single point” AC power ground or
building approved ground. Torque terminal screws
to 6.0 in. lbs. max.
Fits in series with circuit wires
at the terminal screws
A. Never install data wiring during a lightning storm.
B. Disconnect data line before installing the protection
C. These protectors are intended for indoor use on
communication loop circuits which have been
isolated from the Public Switch Telephone Network.
D. The communication loop circuits shall not be
exposed to accidental contact with the electric
light or power conductors. The protectors shall be
installed per the applicable requirements of the
National Electric Code, ANSI/NFPA 70.
Only qualified personnel should install or
service this system. Electrical safety precautions must be followed when installing
or servicing this equipment. To prevent risk
of electrical shock, turn off and lock out all
power sources to the unit before making
electrical connections or servicing.
Seulement le personnel qualifié doit installer
ou maintenir ce systéme. Des précautions
de sécurité en électricité doivent être suivis
lors de l’installation ou de la maintenance
de cet equipement. Pour eviter tout risque
de choc électrique, débranchez et verouiller
toutes les sources d’alimentation de cet
equipement avant de.
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