Bt864A /865A
Digital Video Encoder
High Performance YCrCb to
NTSC/PAL Digital Video Encoders
Conexant’s Bt864A and Bt865A are designed for video systems
that require the generation of high-quality composite, Y/C
(S-video) or RGB (SCART) video signals from an 8- or 16-bit YCrCb
video stream. Worldwide video standards are supported, including
NTSC-M (N. America, Taiwan, Japan), PAL-B,D,G,H,I (Europe, Asia),
PAL-M (Brazil), PAL-N (Uruguay, Paraguay), and PAL-Nc (Argentina).
The Bt864A and Bt865A are pin-compatible and functionally
identical, except the Bt865A can also output the Macrovision™
version 7 anticopy algorithm. Either master or slave mode
operation may be implemented to provide the highest video
performance when interfaced with any MPEG decoder. CCIR 601
or square pixel video signals may be input to provide maximum
flexibility in the system architecture.
Distinguishing Features
The Bt864A/865A and other Conexant video encoders have been
designed into numerous high-performance and high-volume
• 8- or 16-bit 4:2:2 YCrCb inputs
consumer applications worldwide. These include satellite set-top
boxes, DVD players, PC add-in kits, digital cameras, video CD
players, video conferencing systems and other applications
that demand the highest quality video.
video outputs
• S-video/RGB (SCART)/CVBS outputs
• CCIR 601 or square pixel operation
• 2x oversampling
• 10-bit DACs
• Current output DACs for the highest
video quality and reduced cost
Digital Video Encoder
Flexible Operation for
a Wide Range of Video Systems
The Bt864A/865A accepts video data in a variety
High-performance video combined with the right set
formats. This provides system designers with
of features make the Bt864A/865A a versatile device
maximum flexibility. Either 3.3V or 5V operation
for almost any video system. 10-bit DACs provide the
is possible with the Bt864A/865A to permit operation
high-resolution video required for modern satellite
within any system environment. Horizontal sync
set-top boxes, DVD players, PC add-in cards, video
and vertical sync may be configured as inputs
conferencing systems and digital cameras. Several
(slave mode) or outputs (master mode). In addition
power conservation modes extend portable system
to the normal blanking which occurs during Hsync
battery life and help to reduce system heating.
and Vsync, blanking may be externally controlled
New televisions and media, which make use of
during active video. The rise and fall times of sync,
wide screen 16:9 aspect ratios, are also supported
the burst envelope, and closed caption data are
by the Bt864A/865A to provide the best flexibility,
internally controlled.
of ways: CCIR 601, NTSC, and PAL square pixel
performance and functionality.
Functional block diagram
What is a Video Encoder?
A video encoder is an electronic integrated circuit (chip)
that delivers the signal to your television from a DVD or
video CD player, LaserDisc player, cable or satellite TV
set- top box, digital camera, video conferencing system,
Internet browser or personal computer (PC). It is the
chip that makes everyone’s favorite shows look bright,
Analog luminance (Y) and chrominance (C) information is
available on the Y and C outputs for interfacing to S-video
equipment. The composite analog video signal is output
simultaneously onto two outputs. This enables two simultaneous
crisp, colorful and clear. With today’s new digital video
systems,TV pictures can look their best when showing
movies and sports from DVD and TV set-top boxes.
baseband composite video signals, or one output, to provide
baseband composite video while the other drives an RF
modulator. Programmable luminance delay (single-channel)
permits the synchronization of both luminance and chrominance
Video encoder chips today have the functions of four
separate chips integrated into one single chip. These chips
when video is transmitted to a television monitor via an RF
modulator. Analog RGB is also available to allow for support
of the European SCART/PeriTV interface. A two-wire teletext
take the digital video information which is stored on DVD
discs or digital camera memory cards, or transmitted to a
(WST-B) interface is also included in the Bt864A/865A.
satellite dish TV receiver or cable tuner box, and convert it
Macrovision anticopy circuitry is included in the Bt865A to
support DVD and newer set-top box services. The Bt864A is pin
into the “old-fashioned” type of signal a TV requires. The
video encoder converts digital bits into analog electrical
and function compatible with the Bt865A to permit video design
and testing for applications that do require Macrovision circuitry
and those that do not.
I2C Interface
signals, which tell the TV what colors should be shown on
the screen and how bright or dark they should be. Better
quality video encoder chips produce better quality video
Bt864A/865A registers are accessed via a two-wire Inter-Integrated
Circuit (I2C) interface. Serial clock and data lines (SCL and SDA)
are used to transfer data at a rate of 100 Kbps. These lines are
used to access and program the internal registers of the device,
and make the images seem more lifelike and exciting.
Video encoder technology has improved rapidly in recent
years, allowing people to connect a variety of different video
including the Macrovision registers of the Bt865A. Deactivation of
I2C communication is possible by asserting sleep or reset modes.
The Bt864A/865A is packaged in a 52-pin Plastic Quad Flat
devices to their TVs and create the home entertainment
systems of their dreams. These relatively inexpensive
devices are one of the most critical components of modern
Pack (PQFP) with a 14 mm x 14 mm body size. It requires
video systems, and they have found widespread usage in
only a minimum of discrete passive support components.
It is ideal for low-cost and high-performance video systems
and consumer electronics.
business, home office, medical, security, professional video
studios, and all types of consumer video applications.
Product Features
• 8- or 16-bit 4:2:2 YCrCb inputs
composite video outputs
• S-video/RGB (SCART) outputs
• CCIR 601 or square pixel operation
• 2x oversampling
• 10-bit DACs
• Master or slave video timing
• Auto mode detection function (slave mode)
• Interlaced/noninterlaced operation
• Macrovision 7 support (Bt865A only)
• Closed caption encoding
• Teletext encoding (WST system B)
• I2C interface
• On-board voltage reference
• Power-down modes
• 52-pin PQFP package
• Programmable luma delay (single-channel)
• 3.3V or 5V supply voltage
• VARIS-II (16:9) aspect ratio support
Digital cable systems
Satellite television set-top boxes (DBS/DSS)
DVD players
Video CD players
Digital cameras
Video conferencing systems
PC add-on cards
PC video editing
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