Power Management Unit for Mobile Phones
General Description
The AS3653 device is a highly integrated solution for
power supply generation and monitoring, battery
management including charging and SIM card
communication. It is controlled via a serial control interface
and integrates all necessary system specific functions such
as clock, reset and interrupt generation, voltage and
temperature monitoring, accessory detection and On/Off
Key Features
Supply Voltage Generation
• 1 Analogue High Current LDO (1.85…3.4V, 250mA)
• 1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 150mA)
• 1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 100mA)
• 2 RF Low Noise LDOs (1.85…3.4V, 100mA)
• 1 Analogue Low Noise LDO (1.85…3.4V, 10mA)
• 3 Digital Low Power LDOs (150mA)
• 1 SIM Card Supply LDO (1.8 / 3.0V, 20mA)
• 1 Low Noise, High PSRR Microphone Bias Generator
• 2 General Purpose Pulse Width Modulator (PWM)
Outputs with programmable frequency and duty cycle
• 2 General Purpose LED Pattern Generator Outputs
with programmable pattern and repetition period
• 8 General Purpose Input / Output Pins
Wide Battery Supply Range 3.0…5.5V
Serial Control Interface
On-Chip Bandgap Tuning for High Accuracy (±1%)
Excess Current and Thermal Protection
0.35µm CMOS Solution
QFN48 package
• Power Management Unit for GSM Mobile Phones
• 1 Cell Li+ or 3…4 Cell NiMH powered devices
Complete Chemistry Independent Charger
• Autonomous Trickle Charge Mode with 60min Timeout
• Programmable Constant Current Charging
• Programmable Constant Voltage / Pulse Charging
• Integrated Gas Gauge
• Overvoltage protection: Battery and Charger Voltage
• Operation without battery
• Battery presence indication
• Programmable backup battery charger
SIM Card Interface
• Transparent SIM Card Interface with signal level
translators and enhanced ESD protection
System Control
• Clock Generation including low power 32kHz crystal
• RTC with Alarm Function
• Programmable Reset Generation for System Controller
• Programmable Interrupt Controller
• Programmable Battery Voltage Monitor
• Temperature Sensor to prevent failure of the device
due to excess power dissipation
• 2 programmable Accessory Recognition Input Pins
• On/Off Control Module
• Programmable Watchdog Module
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March 20045
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AS3653 Product Brief
1 Block Diagram
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March 20045
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