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3331, 3332 POWER HiTESTER
Power measuring instruments
3332: Single-phase, 2-wire type that can accurately measure even standby power
3331: Single-phase, 3-wire and three-phase, 3-wire type for measuring power of large-scale equipment
Accurate evaluation of consumption power
of electrical products
As efficient use of energy for household and office equipment becomes more and more
essential, the new 3332 POWER HiTESTER does the job by offering a wide range of
power measurement from standby to normal usage. The 3331 POWER HiTESTER is
capable of evaluating 3-phase devices, such as industrial air conditioners and refrigerators,
or single-phase, large-scale devices. Both power testers deliver high accuracy of ±0.2%
(45 to 66Hz), direct input up to 50A, and a broad bandwidth from 1Hz (the 3331 from
10Hz) to 100kHz. System construction is made easy with these compact, lightweight and
reasonably priced tools, which come equipped with an external interface as a standard
feature. The 3331 and 3332 can be used as a measuring component for a wide range of
purposes, from research and development to equipment evaluation.
Measurement from minute single-phase power
to large-scale 60 kW 3-phase equipment.
A single-phase power meter compatible with devices with intermittent oscillation in broadband starting from 1Hz.
from standby
to usage
The 3332 covers a wide range of power measurement
Measurement line
1ø2W only
1ø2W to 3ø3W
U Range
15 to 600V (6 ranges) 150 to 600V (3 ranges)
I Range
1m to 50A (15 ranges) 500m to 50A (7ranges)
Frequency characteristics
1Hz to 100kHz
10Hz to 100kHz
Basic accuracy
±0.1%rdg.±0.1%f.s. (45 to 66Hz)
Approx. 210W ✕100H ✕261D mm
Voltage/Current can be viewed for each phase of the 3-phase line
The 3331 is compatible from single-phase to 3-phase devices
❑ Range Table
The values in the shaded areas show the common range for the 3331 and 3332. Values in the (
mode and the single-phase, 3-wire mode (SUM display) of the 3331.
) show the range of the 3-phase, 3-wire
1.0000mA 2.0000mA 5.0000mA 10.000mA 20.000mA 50.000mA 100.00mA 200.00mA
15.000 mW 30.000 mW 75.000 mW 150.00 mW 300.00 mW 750.00 mW
1.5000 W
3.0000 W
30.000 mW 60.000 mW 150.00 mW 300.00 mW 600.00 mW
1.5000 W
3.0000 W
6.0000 W
60.000 mW 120.00 mW 300.00 mW 600.00 mW
1.2000 W
3.0000 W
6.0000 W
12.000 W
150.00 mW 300.00 mW 750.00 mW
1.5000 W
3.0000 W
7.5000 W
15.000 W
30.000 W
300.00 mW 600.00 mW
1.5000 W
3.0000 W
6.0000 W
15.000 W
30.000 W
60.000 W
600.00 mW
3.0000 W
6.0000 W
12.000 W
30.000 W
60.000 W
120.00 W
1.2000 W
7.5000 W
15.000 W
30.000 W
75.000 W
150.00 W
300.00 W
750.00 W
15.000 W
30.000 W
60.000 W
150.00 W
300.00 W
600.00 W
30.000 W
60.000 W
120.00 W
300.00 W
600.00 W
75.000 (150.00) W
150.00 (300.00) W 300.00 (600.00) W 600.00 (1.2000 k) W 1.5000 (3.0000) kW 3.0000 (6.0000) kW 6.0000 (12.000) kW 15.000 (30.000) kW
300.00 (600.00) W 600.00 (1.2000 k) W 1.2000 (2.4000) kW 3.0000 (6.0000) kW 6.0000 (12.000) kW 12.000 (24.000) kW 30.000 (60.000) kW
150.00 (300.00) W 300.00 (600.00) W 750.00 (1.5000 k) W 1.5000 (3.0000) kW 3.0000 (6.0000) kW 7.5000 (15.000) kW
For apparent power and reactive power, the unit of watts in the above table is replaced by VA and var respectively.
Basic Performance of the 3331/3332
❑ Evaluation of electric equipment such as inverters
● High basic accuracy of ±0.2%
● Broadband feature compatible with frequency control devices
More precise measurement non possible with a basic accuracy of
±0.1% rdg.±0.1% f.s.
Wide range from 1Hz (the 3331 from 10Hz) to 100kHz is included
● Responsitivity that follows transient power fluctuations
● 50A direct input
A achieve responses under 0.2 seconds for measurements of
transient power fluctuations (Response speed set at FAST).
Measurement of large capacity equipment possible.
● Simultaneous integration of current and power at a
6-digit high-resolution state
The average rectified effective value indicator method with a
500Hz low-pass filter can be selected.
for supporting measurement of inverters.
A maximum of ±999999 (MWh or MAh) or up to a maximum
of 10000 hours (416 days) of integration.
❑ Systems can be easily constructed
● Measuring the effective value of basic wave components only
● Current waveform peak measurement function
The current waveform wave peak value and the maximum
effective value can be detected.
● A compact design that fits a half-rack (rack-mount models also available at special order)
● GP-IB / RS-232C: Data can be transferred to a printer or computer for efficient data management.
● EXT.I/O (External input/output terminal): External control of integration START/STOP, and analog/monitor/D/A
output can be performed for voltage/current/power parameters.
1Hz to 2Hz*2*3
2Hz to 5Hz*2*3
5Hz to 10Hz*2*3
10Hz to 20Hz*2*4
20Hz to 30Hz*2*5
30Hz to 45Hz*2
45Hz to 66Hz
66Hz to 500Hz
500Hz to 1kHz
1kHz to 4kHz
4kHz to 8kHz
8kHz to 10kHz*6
10kHz to 20kHz
20kHz to 50kHz
50kHz to 100kHz*7
(at 23˚C±5˚C (73˚F±9˚F), 80% rh sine wave input, power factor = 1, after 30 minutes warming-up time.) 3331: 23˚C±3˚C (73˚F±5.4˚F)
(Period for which accuracy is guaranteed: 6 months)
Voltage*1 / Current / Active power
Input current 20 A or less
20A to 30A
30A to 50A
Voltage accuracy is the same as when current input is less than 20A.
Measurement accuracy when response time is set to SLOW.
Accuracy guaranteed for the 3332 only.
Voltage/current accuracy for the 3331 is ±2.0% f.s.
Voltage/current accuracy for the 3331 is ±1.0% f.s.
Guaranteed accuracy for the 3331 is ±2.0% f.s.
Current is defined for 10A and less.
Calculations of the 3331 3-phase, 3-wire mode are as follows in the table below. However, only SUM is displayed. Calculations for the 3332
follow the values for ch 1 in the table below.
U, I, and P respectively indicate measured values of voltage,
Active power (P ) Apparent power (S ) Reactive power (Q ) Power factor (λ)
Phase angle (ø)
current, and active power. However, values are not rounded
Basis of calculation
for display (error: ±1 dgt.).
s indicates phase polarity, and is -1 when the current phase
leads voltage, and +1 when it lags voltage.
From minute standby power to rush current for motors
Applications that efficiently evaluate
electrical equipment
❑ Common features of the 3331 and 3332
● Measurement of rush current during device start-up
Measurement of the current waveform wave peak is possible,
and if the peak hold function is used, wave peak detection of
the motor rush current waveform (Max. 90A) and the maximum
value of the effective value can be done.
RMS response at 0.2 sec.
● Measurement of the RMS value for
industrial frequency components.
The average rectified effective value indicator method
(MEAN) with 500Hz low-pass filter is employed to measure
basic wave RMS values of PWM voltage form inverters.
Comparison of voltage display values of RMS and MEAN with the low-pass filter
RMS display of
PWM voltage
● Understanding consumptive and
regenerative conditions
MEAN display of
voltage waveform
after filtering.
Total (±) integration value
Integration progress time
Consumptive (+), regenerative (-), and
total power integration values can be
simultaneously measured on equipment
that regenerate power.
Consumptive element (+)
integration value
Regenerative element (-)
integration value
❑ Special Features of the 3331
● 3-phase line imbalance can be checked
The third phase voltage and current that had not been
measured for 2-power measurement systems (2 voltage/2
current) can be calculated by vector calculation and displayed.
U1 voltage display
U3 voltage display
● The 3331 can be used to measure single phase power for 2 devices
Two devices with single-phase, 2-wire loads can be
simultaneously measured, contributing to lower facilities cost.
U2 voltage display
Note) Ranges for each channel
cannot be independently set.
Average voltage display for each phase
❑ Special Features of the 3332
● Measurement of standby power under 1W
Current input 1W or less can be precisely measured (guaranteed accuracy range is from 7.5mW) by employing the CT method (input resistance under 2mΩ) for minimal
instrument damage for current input, and with 150.000mW (150V-1mA range) in full scale as the highest sensitivity range for 100V devices. In addition,
with guaranteed accuracy from 1Hz, the 3332 is also compatible with intermittent oscillating devices, such as videos.
● Precise calculations of minute standby power
When the 150V/1.0000mA range is selected, integration from ±000.000mWh can be
performed. Low numbers/units are automatically switched to a 6-digit display, allowing
measurement in high resolution.
● Comparative decision function that can be used
on the production line
Two items can be chosen from among voltage, current, power (active, reactive,
apparent), peak current, power factor, phase angle, frequency and integration value
for simultaneous comparative decisions. In addition to Hi/In/Lo LED lamps, decision
results are output to contact points. Up to 10 conditions can be stored, a powerful
function to reduce repetitive steps on small output/multi-product lines.
Integration display screen
Integration progress time
Other parameters
Current integration display
Active power integration
Comparator setting screen
Comparative value setting
Other parameters
Comparator decisions
Measurement value
Application example using the GP-IB/RS-232C interface
The 3331 and 3332 are equipped with the GP-IB and RS-232C interfaces as standard features, allowing complete control from a
computer (except for turning the power supply ON/OFF). In addition, measurement data can be directly downloaded into commercially
available spreadsheet software on a computer using application software, making the troublesome creation of test result charts easy,
and supporting effective data management.
Example of chart calculation operation with EXCEL*
*EXCEL is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Keeping standby power of household electrical equipment in the range of 1W and below
A plan for reducing contributions to global warming by raising
the efficiency of electrical energy used by household and office
equipment must take standby power into consideration. In
the Japanese domestic market, precise measuring of minute
standby power is needed, especially for manufacturers of
audio/video devices, in order to follow a policy of keeping
standby power under 1W.
Raising the efficiency of electrical energy
consumption to meet the needs of the time
Energy Star Program
The 1995-10 International Energy Star Plan is a program
developed between the United States and Japan with the goal
of universally advancing energy efficient office products, such
as copy machines, printers, and
fax machines.
Phase difference between voltage and current/Correlation function with other parameters
Fluctuation state analyzed in clear waveforms.
❑ Application example of monitor, analog, and D/A output
The 3331 and 3332 are capable of simultaneous output of voltage and current waveforms as well as the active power level, and when
connected to a HIOKI MEMORY HiCORDER or Hybrid Recorder, events ranging from long-term fluctuations to transient phenomena
(only with MEMORY HiCORDERs) can be recorded. Select one other measurement item (apparent power/reactive power/power
factor/integration power capacity/frequency, etc.) to output from the D/A to conveniently record long-term fluctuations.
3-phase voltage/current monitor output (for the 3331)
Analog output response of the 3331/3332
Input voltage
RMS value response
0.2 seconds
To record monitor / analog / D/A output
Recording is made easy with the trigger function in the MEMORY HiCORDER, which records the rush current when a device
is started, and with the recording mode, records fluctuations of power/integration values/frequency. Examination and analysis of
correlation functions for each factor, including temperature, is another strong feature.
A compact waveform recorder
the size of a B5 piece of paper for
recording in 2 or 4 channels
Waveform recorder for a
maximum of 8 channels
Recording to a A4-width printer up
to a maximum of 16 channels (8
channels with the 8841)
Recording to a B5-width printer
for a maximum of 32 channels
Please refer to the separate MEMORY HiCORDER catalogs
❑ Basic specification
Measurement line : 3332: single-phase, 2-wire
3331: single-phase, 3-wire; 3-phase, 3-wire; singlephase, 2-wire (channel ranges cannot be independently set)
Measurement item : Voltage, current, current peak, active power, apparent
power, reactive power, power factor, phase angle,
frequency, power integration, current integration
Display indication range : 0.1% to 130% of range (zero-suppressed for less than 0.1%)
(3332; zero-suppressed for less than 0.2% of V range and 40µA)
3332: Voltage, current, power; Effective input range : 5% to 120% of
measurement range (5% to 100% of 600V range only)
3331: Voltage, current, power; Effective input range : 1% to 120% of
measurement range (1% to 100% of 600V range only)
: Digital display LED, displays 4 items
Display resolution : 99999 counts (other than integration), 999999 counts (integrated value)
Rectification method : Switchable between RMS (true root mean square value) and MEAN (average
rectified RMS indication). With voltage only, cutoff frequency is 500 Hz.
Display update rate : Approx 5 times/sec
Analog response time : FAST (0.2 sec) or SLOW (1.6 sec) (3332; at SLOW 5sec)
Voltage 2MΩ±10% Current Less than 2mΩ
Voltage 600 Vrms, 1100 V peak
Current 60 Arms, 90A peak
600 Vrms, 50/60 Hz
Voltage (measurement range ✕ 6) / Measured value
or 1100 V / measured value, whichever is lower
Current (measurement range ✕ 6) / Measured value or 90 A
/ measured value, whichever is lower
Analog output : Simultaneous output of voltage, current, active power DC±5V f.s.
Monitor output : Simultaneous output of voltage and current 1 Vrms f.s.
: PT/CT/SC ratio Set range 0.001 to 9999 (3331; PT/CT only)
: Moving average of sampling data is taken for
display (1 (off), 8, 16, 32, 64 times) (3332; 1 to 300 times)
Comparator (3332 only) : 2 ch (with ON/OFF function)
Setting items : One item from among voltage/current/active,
apparent, reactive power/power factor/phase angle/
frequency/waveform peak/integration value selected
for one channel, Hi and Lo level set.
: Decision and relay output (30V/0.5A) in Hi/In/Lo LED lamps.
Relay Hold is possible from external control.
Input resistance (50/60 Hz)
Max. input voltage
Max. input current
Max. rated voltage to earth
Crest factor
(Time to enter accuracy range upon sudden change from 0 to 90% or 100 to 10%)
23˚C±3˚C (73˚F±5.4˚F)
❑ Measurement accuracy (at 3331:
3332: 23˚C±5˚C (73˚F±9˚F)
V, A, W
Apparent / reactive :
Power factor
Phase angle
Wave peak
[Voltage/current/power measurement]
Measurement range : By 1-page range table
[Integration measurement]
Number of measurements : 5 times/sec
Measurement range : 0.00000 to 999999 MAh/MWh (integration time up to 10,000 hours)
[Power factor/phase angle measurement]
Measurement range : -1.0000 (lead) to 0.0000 to 1.0000 (lag)
-180˚(lead) to 0.00˚ to 180.00˚ (lag)
[Frequency measurement]
Number of channels : 1 ch
Effective input range : 3332; 1 Hz to 100 kHz, 3331; 4 Hz to 50 kHz
Measurement range : Auto, 500 Hz, 100 kHz (3331; up to 50 kHz)
[Wave peak measurement]
Measurement items : Displays maximum absolute current value
[D/A output]
Number of channels : 1 ch (15 bit D/A converter, polarity + 11 bits)
Output resistance : 100Ω±5%
Output content : Voltage, current, active / apparent / reactive power, power factor, phase
angle, wave peak, frequency and the integrated value for each channel
or sum of the values
Output voltage : DC±5V/f.s.
Output update rate : 5 times/sec
: Conforms to IEEE-488.1 1987, with reference to IEEE-488.2 1987
: Start-stop synchronous, with baud rate of 1200 to 9600 bits/sec
[Other functions]
: External control, Display hold function, maximum value hold,
current peak hold, data backup function, key lock function
, max 80% rh, with warm-up time of at least 30 minutes, sine wave input, power factor = 1, and in-phase voltage 0)
Per accuracy table on page 2
±1 dgt. with respect to calculation from measured value (U,I,P)
sum value is max. ±3dgt.
±1 dgt. with respect to calculation from measured value (I,P)
±1 dgt. with respect to calculation from measured value (U,I,P)
±1 dgt. with respect to calculation from measured value (U,I,P)
±0.1% rdg.±1dgt.
Measurement accuracy ±1% f.s.(current peak range)
Current peak range: Current range ✕ 6
(Period for which accuracy is guaranteed: 6 months)
: 3332; Less than ±0.02%f.s./˚C, 3331; Less than ±0.04%f.s./˚C
: Less than ±0.05%f.s. (AC 600 V rms, 50/60 Hz applied between
all input terminals and ground)
: Less than ±0.4%rdg. (at 45 to 66 Hz, power factor = 0.5)
Less than ±0.23%f.s. (at 45 to 66 Hz, power factor = 0)
Effect of external magnetic field : ±1.5%f.s. (at AC 400 A rms/m, in 50/60 Hz magnetic field)
: ±100ppm±1 sec (at 0 to 40˚C (32˚F to 104˚F))
Real time
: Measurement accuracy±0.2% f.s.
D/A output
Analog output : Measurement accuracy±0.2% f.s. (below 45 Hz with SLOW setting)
Monitor output : Measurement accuracy±0.1% f.s.
Thermal coefficient
Effect of max. rated voltage
to earth in-phase voltage
Effect of power factor
❑ General specifications
Indoors, altitude to 2000 m
0˚C to 40˚C (32˚F to 104˚F), max 80% rh (no condensation)
-10˚C to 50˚C (14˚F to 122˚F), max 80% rh (no condensation)
100MΩ or greater at DC 500 V
Between voltage/current terminals and case, output terminals and external
control terminals, voltage / current terminals and power supply, voltage terminals and current terminals, individual channels, and power supply and case
Withstand voltage : AC 3.32 kV between voltage/current terminals and case, output term(50/60 Hz, 1 minute)
inals and external control terminals, and between individual channels
(Approx 8.3"(W )✕ 3.9" (H) ✕ 10.3" (D), 95.3 oz.)
3331; Approx 210 W ✕ 100 H ✕ 261 D mm, 2.5 kg
(Approx 8.3"(W )✕ 3.9" (H)✕ 10.3" (D), 88.2 oz.)
(Not including projections such as terminals, feet, and handles)
: Power cord 1, Ext I/O male connector 1
mass: Approx 2.7 kg (95.3 oz.)
EN61326:1997+A1:1998+A2:2001 Class A
Power supply
: AC100V to 240V 50/60 Hz (universal power supply)
Maximum rated power : 3332; 40VA max. 3331; 50VA max.
Dimensions and mass : 3332; Approx 210 W ✕ 100 H ✕ 261 D mm, 2.7 kg
: Safety
(Voltage and current input) Pollution factor, 2,
overvoltage category III, Anticipated transient overvoltage 6000V
(Power supply) Pollution factor 2 Overvoltage
category II, Anticipated transient overvoltage 2500V
❑ Dimensional drawing
Location for use :
Ambient use humidity :
Ambient storage humidity :
Insulation resistance :
mass: Approx 2.5 kg (88.2 oz.)
Orders also accepted for units equipped for rack mounting.
Please inquire for details.
❏Related products
■ Basic specification
Measurement : Single-phase, 2-wire; single-phase, 3-wire, 3-phase, 3-wire;
line 3-phase, 4-wire
Measurement : [When used with 9600, 9601, 9602 (option)]
item voltage, current, voltage and current waveform peak, active/
reactive/apparent power, power factor, phase angle, frequency,
current and power integration; load factor; efficiency
[When 9603 is used (option/above functions plus functions written below)]
voltage, torque, rotation count, frequency, motor output
[When 9605 is used (option/all functions above plus functions written below)]
harmonics, waveform, voltage fluctuation/flicker
Measurement : voltage: 6/15/30/60/150/300/600/1000V
range current: 200/500 mA/1/2/5/10/20/50A
(when used
power: 1.2 W to 150 kW (with measurement mode and voltage,
with 9600) current, range combination)
Broad bandwidth from DC/0.5 Hz to 1 MHz
Power measurement tool that supports
integrated evaluations of electrical devices
● In addition to basic measurement, it comes with more
advanced measurement of motor power/efficiency/ harmonics
/flicker (Some functions require separate options)
● Three types of input units can be chosen for application
● Simultaneous measurement of up to six lines
● Three types of input units can be chosen for application
frequency: 50/500/5 k/50 k/2 MHz
: ±0.1%rdg.±0.1%f.s. (45 to 66 Hz when 9600 is used)
: 8 times/s
: 9600: broadband unit from DC/0.5 Hz to 1 MHz
9601: AC-only unit from 5 Hz to 100 kHz
9602: Clamp input-only unit from DC/0.5 Hz to 200 kHz
Functions : Waveform peak measurement, efficiency measurement, D/A
output, FDD, external control, scaling, average, backup
function, motor output (Pm) measurement (9603 option),
Power supply : AC100/120/200/230V automatic switching, 50/60 Hz, 150 VA max.
Dimensions and : 430 W ✕150 H ✕370 D mm; 13 kg
Mass (Approx 17.0"(W )✕ 6.0" (H) ✕ 14.6" (D), 459 oz.)
W basic accuracy
Display update
Frequency quality
(by unit)
Measurement cannot be done with the 3193 unit alone. Optional input units are necessary for measurement. For more details, please request the 3193 product catalog.
(Single-phase, 3-wire and three-phase, 3-wire type)
(Single-phase, 2-wire type)
: Thermal serial dot matrix
: 112 mm (4.5")
: 52.5cps
: 9443 AC ADAPTER or supplied
nickel-hydride battery (capable of
printing about 3000 lines on full
charge from 9443)
Dimensions and mass : Approx. 160W ✕ 66.5H ✕ 170D mm; 580 g
(Approx. 6.3"(W )✕ 2.7" (H) ✕ 6.7" (D), 20.5 oz.)
Printing method
Paper width
Printing speed
Power supply
AC ADAPTER (For printer, Japan)
AC ADAPTER (For printer, EU)
AC ADAPTER (For printer, America)
RECORDING PAPER (For printer, 10rolls)
Please request a 9444 CONNECTOR CABLE for connecting to the 3331/3332
unit and the 9443 AC ADAPTER when purchasing the 9442 PRINTER.
Cord length
approx. 1.5m
(For the EU)
(For Japan)
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