Low Cost, In-Circuit Programmer for ST7
The ST In-circuit Communication Kit (STICK)
is a powerful, flexible easy-to-use programming
tool that is ideal for getting started developing
applications in the world of ST7 Flash
The ST7-STICK provides the programming
hardware interface between your ST7 and your
host PC, running either ST7 Visual Programmer
(STVP7) or ST7 Visual Develop (STVD7) software.
The STICK takes advantage of the In-Circuit
Communication (ICC) protocol for ST7 to provide
In-Circuit Programming (ICP) of the ST7 soldered
on your application board. In addition, when
combined with an ST7SBxx socket board, it
provides a platform for on-socket programming of
your ST7 microcontrollers.
Programming Tool Architecture
Figure 1: ST7-STICK Programmer
Programming Features
ST7-STICK programming board – Provides the
communication interface with the host PC via
parallel port. It connects to the ST7 that is on your
application board or on an ST7SBxx socket board,
via a 10-pin ICC connector.
ICC cable – This furnished 10-pin cable connects
to standard HE-10 type ICC connectors on the
STICK programming board and your application
board. This connection relays the required signals
for in-circuit programming of the ST7 installed on
your application board. It can also be used to
connect to the ST7SBxx socket board.
ST7 Visual Programmer – Software programming
interface that runs on the host PC connected to the
ST7-STICK, allowing you to program the
application to your ST7.
ST7 Visual Develop – Integrated Development
Environment (IDE) that runs on the host PC
connected to the ST7-STICK, allowing you to
program the application to your ST7. This IDE also
provides an environment for building and
debugging your application software.
Low cost
ICC interface (HE10 connector)
Parallel port interface for host PC
In-Circuit Programming (ICP) support for all
ST72Fxxx MCUs, except ST72F6xx (USB).
STVP7 Free programming software user
For more information...
The following documents are available for free
download from our internet site:
ST7 Visual Programmer online help - Information
to help you program your application to your ST7
using this Windows-based programming software
and an ST7-STICK programmer.
ST7 Visual Develop User Manual - Information
about programming your ST7 from STVD7.
ST7 FLASH STICK User Manual - Information
about setting up your application board and your
ST7-STICK for in-circuit programming.
ST7xxxx Datasheet - Complete information about
the features of your target ST7 microcontroller.
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