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Aluminum Electrolytic
Ceramic surface mount
Terminology Guide
• C-SAM: C-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
(ceramics only)
• DPA: Destructive Physical Analysis
• DWV: Dielectric Withstanding Voltage (ceramics only)
• ESR: Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) is the preferred
high-frequency statement of the resistance unavoidably
appearing in these capacitors. ESR is not a pure
resistance, and it decreases with increasing frequency.
• F1: KEMET’s F1 Technology package incorporates three
process methodologies for improved tantalum anode quality
resulting increased reliability, stable and low DC leakage.
• HVE: High Volumetric Efficiency
• PDA: Percent Defective Allowed
• Polymer Reliability Assessment Test: Sample test under
accelerated conditions to demonstrate long-term device reliability. Please contact KEMET for details (polymer only).
• SBDS: KEMET has developed a special patented screening
technique which allows the identification of tantalum
capacitors with hidden defects in the dielectric, without
any damage to the general population of the capacitors.
• Thermal Shock: Parts are temperature cycled.
• Voltage Conditioning: Parts receive a voltage conditioning
at X rated voltage and X°C for a minimum and maximum
amount of hours (ceramics only).
Quality Hierarchy
Defense and Aerospace Product Spotlights
KEMET is the undisputed global leader in delivering high
performance ceramic and tantalum capacitors. Our Defense
and Space Grade products comply with the most stringent
reliability requirements in the industry.
DLA (Formerly DSCC) High Reliability MLCCs
Space Custom Testing
Grade Beyond MIL-PRF
and Space Grade
DLA 05006/7, 03028/9 and 91019
• Meets U.S. Department of Defense specifications per MIL-PRF-55681, MIL-STD-202 and MIL-STD-1285
• 05006/7 available in BP, BR and BX dielectrics
• 03028/9 available in BR and BX dielectrics
• 9109 available in BR dielectric
• High capacitance
• Voltage range of 6.3 – 200 VDC
• Non-polar device, minimizing installation concerns
• EIA case sizes 0402, 0603, 0805, 1206 and 2220
Space Grade MLCCs
GR900, MIL-PRF-123
• For use in applications where the chance of failure must be reduced to the lowest possible level
• Meets U.S. Department of Defense specifications per MIL-PRF-123
• BP, BR and BX dielectrics
• Voltage range of 16 – 200 VDC
• Numerous end metallization options available including 100% pure matte tin, SnPb plated
(70/30), SnPb coated (60/40) and gold plated
• Receive special attention in all phases of manufacture including raw materials selection, clean
room production, individual batch testing, C-SAM (when applicable), maintenance of singular
batch identity and destructive physical analysis
Multilayer Ceramic Stacked Capacitors
Formula 1 (F1) Technology and Simulated Breakdown Screening (SBDS)
Advancing Tantalum Technology to the Pinnacle Level of Reliability
Formula 1 (F1) Technology
KEMET’s Formula 1 (F1) Technology eliminates hidden defects in
the dielectric which continue to grow in the field, causing capacitor
failures. Based on the fundamental understanding of degradation
mechanisms in tantalum and niobium capacitors, F1 Technology
incorporates multiple process methodologies. Some minimize
the oxygen and carbon content in the anodes which become
contaminants and can lead to the crystallization of the anodic oxide
dielectric. This process methodology reduces the contaminants,
improving quality of the dielectric. An additional technology provides a
stronger mechanical connection point between the tantalum lead wire
and tantalum anode, enhancing robustness and product reliability.
The benefit of this F1 Technology is illustrated by a 2000 hour,
85°C, 1.32 X rated voltage accelerated life test. The F1 Technology
parts see no degradation while standard tantalums have 1.5 orders
of magnitude degradation in leakage current. F1 Technology is
currently available for T493 Series (select D and X case capacitance
values in 20 V and higher rated voltage) and T497 Series (select H
case capacitance values in 20 V and higher rated voltage).
Simulated Breakdown Screening (SBDS)
KEMET’s patented SBDS is a nondestructive testing technique that
simulates the breakdown voltage (BDV) of a capacitor without
damage to its dielectric or the general population of capacitors. This
screening identifies hidden defects in the dielectric, providing the
highest level of dielectric testing. SBDS is based on the simulation
of breakdown voltage (BDV), the ultimate test of the dielectric in a
capacitor. Low BDV indicates defects in the dielectric, and therefore
a higher probability of failure in the field. High BDV indicates a
stronger dielectric and high-reliability performance in the field. This
new screening method allows KEMET to identify the breakdown
voltage of each individual capacitor and provide only the strongest
capacitors from each lot. The benefit of SBDS is illustrated by a
minimum breakdown voltage greater than 2 X rated voltage as
compared to Weibull Graded parts with breakdown voltages as low
as 1.25 X rated voltage. Also, this is done without inducing wear
out sometime associated with Weibull Grading. SBDS is currently
available on part types in the T493 and T497 Series.
KEMET offers these technologies in the following arrangements:
• F1 Technology only
• SBDS only
• Combination of both F1 Technology and SBDS for the ultimate
• Meets U.S. Department of Defense specifications per MIL-PRF-49470
• Reliable and robust termination system
• Higher capacitance in the same footprint
• Advanced protection against thermal and mechanical stress
• Reduces audible microphonic noise
• Extremely low ESR and ESL
• T-Level reliability available (Space Grade)
Polymer COTS
T540/541 and T543 Series
• Polymer cathode technology
• High frequency capacitance retention
• Benign failure mode
• Low ESR
• Surge current testing options
• High ripple current
• 10% derating for part types ≤ 10 V
• 20% derating for part types > 10 V
Polymer Herm Seal
T550 Series
• Low and stable ESR across temperature range and frequency
• Stable capacitance across temperature range and frequency
• Non-catastrophic failure mode
• Mechanical robustness (shock and vibration)
• Lighter weight (~25%) and same case sizes as wet tantalum
• Patented polymer slurry technology
• 20% derating
Space Grade MnO2 Tantalum
T493 COTS, T496 Fused, T497 High Grade COTS & T510 Multiple Anode Low ESR Series
• MIL–PRF–55365 and MIL–STD–1580
• Incorporates customizable intensive testing and screening protocol such as Weibull grading
level (C = 0.01%/k hours), surge current level (10 cycles -55°C and +85°C before and/or after
Weibull grading) and variety of additional performance testing level options
• Low and standard ESR options
• Variety of termination finishes
• Fused versions available for built-in circuit protection
• Multi-anode designs for very low ESR values
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