■ RJ-11 contacts are plated with 50 microns
■ Numerous knockout ports for easy
of hard gold
■ Two circuit board slots for mounting MTUs,
RIDs or half-ringer electronic devices
■ Tamper resistant stainless steel security
screw in Telco cover
■ Secure, user friendly terminations for IW
and line cord wiring
assembly to utility boxes
■ Accommodates Bourns® and other
manufacturer’s station protectors
Listed per UL 497 (File: E53117)
708X Series – Network Interface Device
Bourns® 708X Series NID is designed to be used as a two-line unit to eliminate the necessity of upgrading kits. The installer simply
needs to add the Station Protector and connect the internal wiring when activating the second line. This model can be installed
outside, as a stand-alone unit (Model 7081) or indoors with the outside cover removed (Model 7080). This NID is designed to fit a
variety of existing or contractor provided flush mounted utility boxes.
The Model 708X Series two line NID is manufactured of flame retardant, high-impact resistant, ultraviolet-desensitized plastic.
How to Order
Product Dimensions
708X - XX - X X
Model Number Options
0 = No outside cover
1 = With outside cover
2 = One line only
Number of Protectors
01 = One Protector
02 = Two Protectors
Protector Options
D 1 = 455HS-MSP (2377-45-HS) Voice/Data/DSL (UL,cUL)
U 3 = 455HS-MSP (2377-45-HS-IDC) Voice/DSL/Data (UL,cUL)
Z 1 = 455HS-BC* (2377-45-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL)
W 3 = 455HS-BC* (2377-45-BC-IDC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL)
V 3 = 455-MSP-TBU (2377-45-HS-TBU) MSP w/TBU® Protector (UL, cUL)
Q 3 = 455BC-MSP-TBU* (2377-45-BC-TBU) Balance-Sensitive MSP w/TBU® Protector (UL, cUL)
E 2 = 155HS-MSP (2378-35-HS) Voice/DSL/Data (UL, cUL)
Y 2 = 155HS-BC* (2378-35-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL)
G = 155G (2378-35-G) Balanced GDT, No Back-Up-Gap (UL, cUL)
K = 356G (2377-35-G) Balanced GDT, No Back-Up-Gap (UL, cUL)
R 3 = 356G (2377-35-G-IDC) Balanced GDT, No Back-Up-Gap (UL, cUL)
= Tii355M
= No Station Protectors (Not available with DSL configurations)
*For DSL systems requiring capacitive balance within 1 pF.
Note 1 = Digi.Guard - 356 size, RUS Maximum Duty
Note 2 = Digi.Guard II - 125 size, RUS Heavy Duty
Note 3 = Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDC)
Special Options
O = No options
Asia-Pacific: Tel: +886-2 2562-4117 • Fax: +886-2 2562-4116
EMEA: Tel: +36 88 520 390 • Fax: +36 88 520 211
The Americas: Tel: +1-951 781-5500 • Fax: +1-951 781-5700
REV. J 04/15
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
The device characteristics and parameters in this data sheet can and do vary in different applications and actual device performance may vary over time.
Users should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.