PMC PMC520-64R

PMC Modules
Octal Serial 232
These modules provide eight asynchronous serial
communication ports from a single PMC carrier slot.
Software-configuration helps you quickly set baud rates,
character-sizes,stop bits,and parity. Signal support for
RTS/CTS handshaking is also included.
The data ports generate individually controlled transmit,
receive,line status,and data set interrupts. A global
interrupt source register provides interrupt status
indication for all eight channels to speed up interrupt
Eight RS232E ports
64-byte transmit FIFO buffers
64-byte receive FIFO buffers
Programmable baud rate (up to 120Kbps)
Individual handshake lines (RTS,CTS)
on each channel
Line-break and false start-bit detection
Industry-standard software-compatible 16C550
configuration registers
High-density design lowers per-port costs and
saves PMC carrier card slots for other functions.
64-byte FIFO buffers minimize CPU interaction for
improved system performance.
Each serial channel provides handshake support to
simplify interfacing with modems.
Ordering Information
RS232E Serial Ports
PMC Modules
Configuration: Independent,non-isolated serial ports with a
common single return connection and configured as a
DTE device.
Data rate: Programmable up to 120K bits/second using
internal baud rate generator.
Max. cable length: 15 meters (50 feet) typical,limited to a
cable capacitive load of 2500pF.
Character size: 5 to 8 bits,software-programmable.
Parity: Odd,even,or no parity;software-programmable.
Stop bits: 1,1-1/2,or 2 bits;software-programmable.
Data register buffers: Double buffered or 64-byte FIFO
buffered,mode selectable.
Interrupts: Receiver line status (overrun,parity,framing error,
or break interrupt);received data available
(FIFO level reached) or character time-out;transmitter
(FIFO level reached);or modem status (CTS).
Operating temperature: 0 to 70°C (PMC520-64) or
-40 to 85°C (PMC520-64E).
Storage temperature: -55 to 125°C.
Relative humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing.
Power: +5V (±5%),consult factory for current specifications.
MTBF: Consult factory.
PMC Compliance
Conforms to PCI Local Bus Specification,Revision 2.3 and
CMC/PMC Specification,P1386.1.
4K Memory Space Required: One Base Address Register.
Signaling: 3.3V and 5V compliant.
Eight RS232E serial ports,front I/O connector
Same as PMC520-64 plus extended temperature range.
Same as PMC520-64 except with rear I/O connector
Same as PMC520-64R plus extended temperature range
Customized PMC Modules
Modified PMC520-64 with user-specified crystal/baud rate.
† Specify x = crystal frequency when ordering.
Minimum quantity per order is two units.
Software (see Catalog 8400-139 for more info)
VxWorks® software support package
QNX® software support package
Windows® DLL software support
Accessories (see Catalog 8400-139 for more info)
Termination panel,SCSI-3 connector,
68 screw terminals
Cable,shielded,SCSI-3 connector both ends
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PMC Modules
For more efficient data processing,each serial port is
equipped with 64-character FIFO buffers on the
transmit and receive lines.
With eight serial ports per module, the PMC520 provides a high-density solution to reduce costs and use fewer card slots.