Current Regulator Diode
Linear Systems replaces discontinued Siliconix J501
The Linear Systems LSJ501 is a ± 20% range current regulator
The LSJ501 is a ±20% range current regulator designed for
demanding applications in test equipment and instrumentation.
The LSJ501 utilizes JFET techniques to produce a single twoleaded device which is extremely simple to operate.
Two-Lead Plastic Package
Guaranteed ±20% Tolerance
Operation up to 45V
Excellent Temperature Stability
Simple Series Circuitry, No Separate Voltage Source
Tight Guaranteed Circuit Performance
Excellent Performance in Low-Voltage/Battery Circuits
and High-Voltage Spike Protection
High Circuit Stability vs. Temperature
LSJ501 Applications:
Constant-Current Supply
Timing Circuits
LSJ501 Availability:
Bare die
Please contact Micross for full package and die dimensions
1. Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values above which serviceability may be impaired.
2. Pulsed, t = 2ms. Maximum VF where IF < 1.1IF(max).
3. Pulsed, t = 2ms. Continuous currents may vary.
4. Pulsed, t = 2ms. Continuous impedances may vary.
5. Min VF required to ensure IF = 0.8IF(min).
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