MICROSS 2N4117_TO-71

Linear Systems replaces discontinued Siliconix 2N4117
The 2N4117 is an Ultra-High Input Impedance N-Channel JFET
The 2N4117 provides ultra-high input impedance. The
device is specified with a 10-pA limit and is ideal for use
as a high-impedance sensitive front-end amplifier.
2N4117 Benefits:
Insignificant Signal Loss/Error Voltage
with High-Impedance Source
Low Power Consumption (Battery)
Maximum Signal Output, Low Noise
High Sensitivity to Low-Level Signals
2N4117 Applications:
High-Impedance Transducer
Smoke Detector Input
Infrared Detector Amplifier
Precision Test Equipment
FEATURES DIRECT REPLACEMENT FOR SILICONIX 2N4117 LOW POWER MINIMUM CIRCUIT LOADING ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS @ 25°C (unless otherwise noted) Maximum Temperatures Storage Temperature Operating Junction Temperature Maximum Power Dissipation Continuous Power Dissipation MAXIMUM CURRENT
Gate Current (Note 1) MAXIMUM VOLTAGES Gate to Drain or Gate to Source (Note 2) IDSS<90 µA IGSS<10 pA ‐65°C to +175°C ‐55°C to +150°C 300mW 50mA ‐40V 2N4117 ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS @ 25°C (unless otherwise noted)
SYMBOL CHARACTERISTIC MIN TYP. MAX UNITS CONDITIONS BVGSS Gate to Source Breakdown Voltage ‐40 ‐‐ ‐‐ V IG = ‐1µA, VDS = 0V VGS(off) Gate to Source Cutoff Voltage ‐0.6 ‐‐ ‐1.8 V VDS = 10V, ID = 1nA IDSS Gate to Source Saturation Current 0.03 ‐‐ 0.09 mA VDS = 10V, VGS = 0V IGSS Gate Leakage Current ‐‐ ‐‐ ‐10 pA VGS = ‐20V, VDS = 0V ‐‐ ‐‐ ‐25 VGS = ‐20V, VDS = 0V, 150°C gfs Forward Transconductance(Note 3) 70 ‐‐ 210 µmho VDS = 10V, VGS = 0V, f = 1kHz gos Output Conductance ‐‐ ‐‐ 3 Ciss Input Capacitance ‐‐ ‐‐ 3 pF VDS = 10V, VGS = 0V, f = 1MHz Crss Reverse Transfer Capacitance ‐‐ ‐‐ 1.5 1 . Absolute maximum ratings are limiting values above which 2N4117 serviceability may be impaired. NOTES 2. Due to symmetrical geometry, these units may be operated with source and drain leads interchanged 3. This parameter is measured during a 2ms interval 100ms after power is applied. (Not a JEDEC condition.) Click To Buy
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