Audio Processor for Advanced TV with
Sound IF Demodulator and Stereo Decoder
Sound IF (SIF) processor
SIF demodulator and broadcast stereo decoder
NICAM (BG, DK, I, L), A2 (BG, DK, M), BTSC (M, N), EIAJ (M)
Automatic sound IF standard detection
Fully programmable 28-bit audio processor for enhanced
ATV sound—default TV audio flow loaded on reset
Implements Analog Devices and third-party branded audio
Adjustable digital delay line for audio/video
Synchronization for up to 200 ms stereo delay
High performance 24-bit ADC and DAC
94 dB DNR performance on DAC channels
95 dB DNR performance on ADC channels
Dual headphone outputs with integrated amplifiers
High performance pulse-width modulation (PWM) digital
Multichannel digital baseband I/O
4 stereo synchronous digital I2S input channels
One 6-channel sample rate converter (SRC) and one
stereo SRC supporting input sample rates from
5 kHz to 50 kHz
One stereo synchronous digital I2S output
S/PDIF output with S/PDIF input mux capability
Fast I2C control
Operates from 3.3 V (analog), 1.8 V (digital core), and 3.3 V
(digital interface)
Available in 80-lead LQFP
The ADAV4622 is an enhanced audio processor targeting
advanced TV applications with full support for digital and
analog baseband audio as well as multistandard broadcast SIF
demodulation and decoding.
General-purpose consumer audio postprocessing
Home audio
DVD recorders
Home theater in a box (HTIB) systems and DVD receivers
Audio processing subsystems for DTV-ready TVs
Analog broadcast capability for iDTVs
The audio processor, by default, loads a dedicated TV audio
flow that incorporates full matrix switching (any input to any
output), automatic volume control that compensates for volume
changes during advertisements or when switching channels,
dynamic bass, a multiband equalizer, and up to 200 ms of stereo
delay memory for audio-video synchronization.
Alternatively, Analog Devices, Inc., offers an award-winning
graphical programming tool (SigmaStudio™) that allows custom
flows to be quickly developed and evaluated. This allows the
creation of customer-specific audio flows, including use of the
Analog Devices library of third-party algorithms.
The analog I/O integrates Analog Devices proprietary
continuous-time, multibit Σ-Δ architecture to bring a higher
level of performance to ATV systems, required by third-party
algorithm providers to meet system branding certification. The
analog input is provided by 95 dB dynamic range (DNR) ADCs,
and analog output is provided by 94 dB DNR DACs.
The main speaker outputs can be supplied as a digitally
modulated PWM stream to support digital amplifiers.
The ADAV4622 includes multichannel digital inputs and
outputs. In addition, digital input channels can be routed
through integrated sample rate converters (SRC), which are
capable of supporting any arbitrary sample rate from 5 kHz to
50 kHz.
Comprehensive documentation, which provides detailed
operation guidelines and register map information, is available
upon request from [email protected]
For more information on the ADAV4622, contact Analog Devices via email at [email protected]
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