10 Gbps/Channel
Twelve Channel Parallel Fiber Optics Modules
Product Brief
The AFBR-77D1SZ Twelve Channel, Pluggable, Parallel Fiber Optics Transmitter and AFBR-78D1SZ Twelve Channel,
Pluggable, Parallel Fiber Optics Receiver are high performance fiber optics modules for short-range parallel multilane data communication and interconnect applications.
The high density optical modules are designed to operate over multimode fiber systems using a nominal wavelength of 850 nm.
• Compliant to IEEE 802.3ba 100GbE (100GBASE-SR10
and nPPI) per lane
• Compliant to 12×QDR Infiniband
• Operates at 10.3125 Gbps per channel with 64b/66b
encoded data for 100GbE application and at 10 Gbps
with 8b/10b encoded data for IB-QDR application
• High Aggregate bandwidth: 120 Gbps per module
• High density footprint: 7.8 mm × 8.2 mm × 3.9 mm size
• Separate transmitter and receiver modules;
• 850 nm VCSEL array in transmitter; PIN array in receiver
• Links up to 150 m at 10.3125 Gbps with OM4 4700
MHz∙km 50 µm MMF
• Optical Interface: PRIZM LightTurn optical turn 1×12
ribbon fiber connector
• Electrical interface: 9×9 micro-LGA with 0.7424 mm
• Low Power consumption: 3.0 W Max per Transmitter /
Receiver pair (0 °C to 70 °C operating range)
• Dedicated signals for module address, module reset
and host interrupt
• Two Wire Serial (TWS) interface with maskable interrupt
for expanded functionality including:
The optical interface requires the user to provide a custom designed optical turn 1×12 ribbon cable PRIZM
LightTurn connector.
• 100 GbE and IB-QDR / IB-DDR / IB-SDR interconnects
• Data Aggregation, Backplane and Proprietary Protocol
and Density Applications
• High Performance and High Productivity computer
• Switch Fabric interconnects
Part Number Ordering Options
Base Part Number
Modules for use
with Flat Ribbon
Jumper Cable
0-70 °C
20-55 °C
0-70 °C
20-55 °C
MicroPOD Evaluation Board (Tx)
MicroPOD Evaluation Board (Rx)
Where: Tx = Transmitter (77), Rx = Receiver (78)
Patent - www.avagotech.com/patents
–Individual channel functions: disable, squelch
disable, lane polarity inversion, TX eye margin
– A/D read back: module temperature and supply
voltages, per channel laser current and laser power,
or received power
– Status: per channel Tx fault, electrical (transmitter)
or optical (receiver) LOS, and alarm flags
–Programmable equalization integrated with DC
blocking caps at transmitter data input
–Programmable receiver output swing and deemphasis level
– Field-upgradable firmware capability
• 0 °C to 70 °C case temperature continuous operating
range. 85 °C supported for short durations
Package Dimensions
Pin A1 Location indicator (see Fig. B2)
2x ø0.702±0.001
Channel 11
Channel 0
Figure 1. Module Top and Side View
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