TL25XJ Modular

2.5 kW Modular SuperLinear® TWTA
Provides 2500 watts of equivalent linear power (1110 watts
operating) in a modular, nine rack-unit package, digital ready,
for wideband, single- and multi-carrier satellite service in the
7.9 – 8.4 GHz frequency band. Designed to operate at up
to 1260 watts CW power for multi-carrier uplinks. Ideal for
transportable and fixed earth station applications where
space and prime power are at a premium. 30% smaller
than traditional HPAs.
Efficient and Reliable
CPI SuperLinear® TWTAs are among the most power
efficient in the industry. This amplifier is optimized for
maximum efficiency at linear output operating levels.
Simple to Operate
User-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated
computer interface, digital metering, pin diode attenuation,
optional integrated linearizer for improved intermodulation
performance, and BUC option for use with L-band modems.
Easy to Maintain
Model TL25XJ
2500 watt X-band modular
SuperLinear® TWTA for
satellite uplink applications
•Remote control panel
•Redundant and power combined
•Integrated 1:1 switch control and drive
•L-band block upconverter (BUC) - contact
CPI for specifications
•Integral linearizer
•External receive band reject filter
•Ethernet interface
User-friendly event monitor and help screens.
Completely independent and pre-calibrated modules
can be field-replaced with minimal training. Built-in fault
diagnostic capability with convenient and clearly
visible indicators.
Meets Global Requirements
Meets International Safety Standard EN-60215,
Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC
and Harmonic Standard EN-61000-3-2 to satisfy worldwide
requirements. CE Marked.
Worldwide Support
Backed by over three decades of satellite communications
experience, and CPI’s worldwide 24-hour customer
support network that includes more than 20 regional
factory service centers.
811 Hansen Way, PO Box 51625
Palo Alto, CA 94303 USA
+1 (650) 846-3803
+1 (650) 424-1744
e-mail:[email protected]
Specifications 2.5 kW X-Band Modular SuperLinear TWTA
Model TL25XJ
Output Frequency
7.9 to 8.4 GHz
Output Power (min.)
TWT Peak Power
Flange Peak Power
Guaranteed CW Power at Flange
Maximum CW Power at Flange
Note on Output Power
RF Level Adjust Range
Gain Stability
Over temp, constant drive
Small Signal Gain Slope
Small Signal Gain Variation
Input/Output VSWR
2500 W (63.98 dBm) min.
2220 W (63.45 dBm) min.
1110 W (60.45 dBm) min.
1395 W (61.45 dBm) max.
This amplifier guarantees 1110 W of CW power at the flange. The peak power specifications are provided
so that desired backoff may be more easily calculated.
75 dB min. at rated output power; 78 dB min. at small signal
0 to 30 dB (via PIN diode attenuator) typ, 0.1 dB steps
±0.25 dB/24 hour max,max. at constant drive and temperature, after 30 minute warmup
±1.0 dB typ. over operating temperature range
0.02 dB/MHz max.
0.5 dB pk-pk max. across any 40 MHz;
3.0 dB pk-pk max. across the 500 MHz band
(4.0 dB pk-pk with optional linearizer);
1.25:1 max.
2.0:1 for full spec. compliance; any value operation without damage
Phase Noise
10 dB below IESS-308/309 phase noise profile; -50 dBc AC fundamentals related; -47 dBc sum of spurs;
Prime power AC line unbalance not to exceed 3%. Excess imbalance may cause an increase in residual RF noise
(AM, FM and PM). Phase noise increase is typically 2.5 dB/% imbalance.
AM/PM Conversion
6.0˚/dB max; with optional linearizer, can be tuned to 2.0˚/dB max.
Harmonic Outputs
-80 dBc
Noise Density
Intermodulation - with respect
to the sum of 2 equal carriers
5 MHz apart
Group Delay
Primary Power
Power Consumption
Power Factor
Ambient Temperature
Relative Humidity
Shock and Vibration
<-130 dBW/4 kHz from 3.4 to 4.2 GHz; <-65 dBW/4 kHz from 4.2 to 12 GHz (<-60 dBW/4 kHz passband with linearizer option);
-110 dBW/4 kHz from 12.0 to 40.0 GHz
-25 dBc max. at rated power (1110 W) with optional linearizer;
-25 dBc max. at output level of 400 W output power without linearizer
0.02 ns/MHz linear max; 0.002 ns/MHz2 parabolic max; 0.5 ns pk-pk ripple max.
Voltage: Three phase with neutral and ground, 208 VAC ±10% with or without neutral OR 380 to 415 VAC;
Frequency: 47-63 Hz ±10% five wire;
AC current harmonic content: less than 20%, primarily fifth and seventh harmonics.
Harmonics must be considered when choosing UPS sources.
5.5 kW max; 4.9 kW typ. at 1000 W output power;
4.2 kW typ. at 800 W output power
3.3 kW typ. at 200 W output power
2.8 kW typ. at 100 W output power
0.95 min; 0.99 typ.
0˚C to +50˚C operating; -54˚C to +71˚C non-operating
95% non-condensing
10,000 ft. with standard adiabatic derating of 2˚C/1000 ft. operating; 50,000 ft. non-operating
Designed for normal transportation environment per Section 514.4 MIL-STD-810E. Designed to withstand
20g at 11 ms (1/2 sine pulse) in non-operating condition
Forced air with integral blower. Maximum external pressure loss allowable: 0.25 inch water gauge.
RF Input: Type N Female; RF output: CPR-112 waveguide flange, grooved, threaded, UNF 2B 10-32;
RF output monitor: Type N Female
M&C Interface
Weight and Dimensions
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RS-232 and RS-422/485 (4-wire) (Ethernet optional)
165 lbs (74.8 kg) max. / 19 W x 15.75 H x 24 D inches (483 W x 400 H x 610 D mm)
LRU Module Diagram 2.5 kW X-Band Modular SuperLinear TWTA
Quality Management
System - ISO 9001:2008
For more detailed information, please refer to the corresponding CPI technical description if one has been
published, or contact CPI. Specifications may change without notice as a result of additional data or product
refinement. Please contact CPI before using this information for system design.
MKT 265, ISSUE 4 dated APR 2015
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