MOLEX 69002-5000

Molex TM-42 Terminating
The Molex TM-42 termination machine is an electronically operated, single cycle, flywheel press. It is designed to provide an
effective method of applying a wide range of Molex side feed crimp terminals to a pre-stripped discrete wire and cable. The
TM-42 also has the ability to terminate FFC and IDT connectors to ribbon cable. The TM-42 is designed for mid-volume, semiautomatic bench operation and cannot be operated if the safety guard is not properly in place. This press has the ability to be
mounted onto a wire processing system.
Production flexibility is obtained through the use of Molex interchangeable termination dies. These dies are inexpensive
because all of the adjustments for crimp height and terminal feed are located in the TM-42 press. These dies will only work in
the Molex TM-42 and will not work in the Molex TM-2000 press or any other industry standard press.
Features And Benefits
n Can utilize the Molex T2 and Terminator Die tooling
n Independent conductor and insulation adjustments with
position indicators for quick and accurate adjustments
n Ability to terminate most terminals from the Molex
product line
n TM-42 has tooling available which allows for the
termination of FFC and IDT connectors
n Quick release tooling feature for fast, simple changeover
that increase productivity
n Ability to remove upper crimp tooling without the need
remove lower die
n Meets OSHA safety and noise standards plus this press is
CE approved for use in Europe
n Totally enclosed for operator safety, including power shutoff if guard is not properly in place
n Complete press designed to metric standards
Voltage: 115/230 V AC, 1PH 60Hz, 5.8/2.9A
Voltage: 230V AC, 1Ph 50Hz, 3.8Amp (Europe)
Dimensions (with reel mounted)
Height-1,150mm (45.00”)
Width-540.00 (21.20”)
Depth-330.00 (13.00”)
Dimensions (without reel mounted)
Height-950.00mm (36.00”)
Width-330.00 (13.00”)
Depth-330.00 (13.00”)
Weight: Gross-110kg (242 lbs.)
Unpacked 100kg (220lbs.)
Processing Capability: 2500 terminations per hour, depending on operator’s skill and application Up to 10 AWG
Order No.
For Use With
TM-42 Crimp Press
TM-42 Crimp Press
T2 and Terminator Dies
T2 and Terminator Dies
115/230V AC, 1 Ph, 60/50 Hz
230V AC, 1 Ph, 50 Hz
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