ETC L64733/734

L64733/34 Tuner-Receiver Chip Set
Integraâ 2000 Solution for Set-Top Box Manufacturers
The L64733/34 chip set, a component of the Integra set-top box platform, is a
next-generation tuner and channel receiver that provides a highly integrated,
high-performance solution for digital satellite broadcast TV. The chip set provides essential tuning and demodulation functions for the set-top platform,
enabling a spectrum of applications, ranging from receive-only digital video
broadcast to high-speed Internet access, IP telephony, Video-on-Demand and
wireless communications. It enables manufacturers to compete in the marketplace by cost-effectively leveraging new digital forms of information and
entertainment in the set-top box platform
The L64733/34 supports a wide range of worldwide DBS applications.
Motherboard or Module Implementation
Combining LSI Logic’s market-proven channel technology with an advanced
tuner IC in a small, compact design, the chip forms a complete ‘L band to
bits’ system, eliminating the need for tuner cans or additional synthesizer
chips. As a result, the two-chip solution can be implemented directly on the
motherboard or on a module smaller than the size of a credit card.
Manufacturers can develop cost-effective solutions for add-on PC cards or
multiple digital TV front-ends.
LSI Logic’s Two-Chip QPSK Tuner/Demodulator
The L64733/34 chip set packs the functionality of multiple components, including the
synthesizer, into two compact, highly integrated devices. The solution ensures maximum flexibility, reliability and performance,
while reducing costs and delivering world
standards compliance.
L64733/34 Tuner-Receiver Chip Set
DVB-S and DSS compliant
1-45 MBaud solution
Handles -20 dbm to -70 dbm input range
Two-chip complete receiver function reduces
component count
Internal baseband variable filters replace discrete-fixed filters
Microcontroller enables fast acquisition and
false-lock detection
LSI Logic also offers a worldwide support
organization, with offices located throughout
the world and backed by corporate productline and design engineers, to ensure customer success with the company’s set-top
box products
Tuner IC/QPSK Demod Block Diagram
Design and Implementation Flexibility
Designed for maximum integration, flexibility and reliability, the L64733/34
can be implemented as a standalone direct conversion satellite demodulation
solution for set-top boxes. Or the chip set can be combined with LSI Logic’s
SC2000, the other component of the Integra 2000 platform, for a complete
three-chip satellite set-top box solution.
Technical Description
The two chips contain all the functions necessary for satellite QPSK demodulation. The chip set consists of the L64733 zero IF tuner IC, which performs
the RF down conversion, and the L64734, which is the QPSK demodulator.
The zero IF tuner uses two AGC controls, one in the RF amplifier, the other
in the baseband amplifier. The entire range of DBS inputs is covered by this
The synthesizer function is split between the two devices, with the high-frequency VCO and prescaler residing on the tuner IC. The QPSK chip contains
the remaining frequency dividers and tuning control circuitry. A proprietary
frequency doubler in the tuner IC enables use of a lower-frequency tank
circuit, simplifying board design. Accurate quadrature demodulation is performed, and the baseband I and Q signals are amplified and filtered by
adjustable 7-pole Butterworth filters. Automatic DC offset and phase error
adjustment are performed by the Tuner IC.
The L64734 generates the control signals for the L64733 synthesizer using an
on-chip microcontroller to manage the tuning function along with other
acquisition and tracking functions. The L64734 also controls the low-pass
baseband filters and generates the control voltages for automatic gain control
on the L64733.
The chip set delivers key technical advantages over previous or three-chip set
• Offers a proprietary frequency doubler, used in the synthesizer,
that minimizes board layout effort
• Eliminates external IF or baseband filters for lower parts count and
higher reliability
• Operates from 1-45 Mbaud for worldwide DBS capability
Complete Solution for Fast Time-to-Market
To accelerate development of set-top box solutions, the L64733/34 is available
with a Developer’s Kit, allowing manufacturers to select the option best suited
to their target market and application requirements. The Kit provides the
hardware and software components to shorten development cycles and to
ensure fast time-to-market.
The L64733/34 Evaluation Platform provides full development capabilities.
• Offers international standards compliance,
enabling manufacturers to design one product
for multiple markets and applications
• Supports a range of applications, from oneway digital broadcast delivery to higher functionality applications, providing a migration
path to future capabilities and applications
• Offers multiple evaluation platforms for
system and software evaluation, enabling
manufacturers to develop fast time-to-market
L64733/34 Tuner-Receiver Chip Set
Complete Solution for Fast Time-to-Market (continued)
The Developer’s
Components of LSI Logic L64733/34 Developer’s Kit
Kit consists of a
Evaluation board with PC interface and MPEG-2 transport output
complete evaluaComplete documentation
tion board with a
Software, including microcode
PC interface and
Board layout
MPEG-2 transport
output. Software
Gerber Files
to enable system
Bill of Materials
testing and code
optimization is
included, along with a manual which provides test and evaluation information
and a PC board layout. Complete microcode for the L64734’s microcontroller
is included, and developers have the option of customizing the microcode for
their applications.
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ISO 9000 Certified
Direct Conversion Satellite Developer’s Kit from NDS
NDS, a leading international expert in MPEG-2 satellite systems and a system-design consultant to LSI Logic on the L64733/34 chip set development,
has created a Developer’s Kit targeted to set-top box and PC card manufactures. It allows designers to implement a high-performance QPSK demodulation NIM in a small credit card-sized module.
LSI Logic Integra Set-top Development Platform
For designers developing a set-top box solution using the the L64733/34 chip
set, LSI Logic also offers the Integra Set-top Development Platform. It provides the complete development environment, including complementary
devices, such as the single-chip SC2000 Source Decoder. It permits designers
to implement complete set-top box solutions, ranging from graphics-rich satellite broadcast receiver boxes to advanced entertainment systems supporting
web browsing, video gaming or high-speed Internet access.
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As an Integra component, the L64733/34 features all the advantages of this
next-generation platform:
• Evolutionary product strategy, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective
migration path to the future
• Software compatibility with legacy and new chip sets
• Support for open, international industry standards
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