Supplementary Notification
Appliance Circuit Panel
The SNAC-6 supplementary notification appliance circuit
panel provides either two (2) Class A, Style Z, four (4)
Class B, Style Y, or one (1) Class A and two (2) Class B
notification appliance circuits, with a total capacity of 6
amperes. These circuits may be activated in groups by
connection to one or two existing Class A or B notification
appliance circuits with operating voltages ranging from 9
to 32 VDC. Either non-coded or coded operation is possible. In addition, the SNAC-6 can provide a temporal pattern Class B output from a non-coded input.
A unique feature allows for programmable synchronized
outputs for strobes by four (4) different major manufacturers, System Sensor, Faraday, Gentex or CooperWheelock.
The SNAC-6 contains its own battery charger capable of
maintaining batteries of up to 33 AH. The cabinet provides
space for a set of 7 A/H batteries. It is supervised for
ground fault, over-current, open circuits and low battery
• UL Listed as a fire alarm accessory for use with any FCI
or other UL Listed fire alarm controls.
• Two (2) Class A (Style Z), or four (4) Class B (Style Y)
notification appliance circuits or one (1) Class A and two
(2) Class B circuits.
• Programmable ANSI S3.41 temporal pattern output
(Class B).
• High current 6 amp. total output.
• Integral strobe synchronization feature for strobes by
three (3) manufacturers.
Ground fault, battery and circuit trouble conditions in the
panel automatically open the notification appliance circuit
used for activation, transmitting a trouble signal to the
main fire alarm control panel. The ground fault detection
circuit may be disabled.
The unit contains a set of dry, Form “C” trouble actuated
auxiliary contacts, rated 2.5 amp. @ 24 VDC (resistive).
Transfer of these contacts for AC power failure can be
delayed for a period of six (6) hours. This delay feature
may be disabled.
A power-limited, non-resettable auxiliary power output is
also available. The panel can be programmed via DIP
switch to disconnect the auxiliary power output from the
batteries 30 seconds after AC power failure, in order to
avoid running down the batteries from high current
devices such as door holders, etc.
• Integral ground fault detection.
• Form “C” trouble contacts with delayed AC failure
Operating Power:
120 VAC, 2.7 amp. 60 Hz
Standby Battery Circuit: 24 VDC
(nominal 33 ampere/hours, max.)
Supervisory Current:
0.075 amp.
Alarm Current:
0.175 amp. (excluding notification
Alarm Output:
6.0 amp. max. @ 24 VDC (nominal)
16” H x 12.25” W x 3” D
(40.64 x 30.88 x 7.62 cm)
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49° C)
Relative Humidity:
85% (non-condensing)
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Supplementary notification appliance
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