FireForce 9
• Provides two fully-supervised input/
control circuits (9 – 32 VDC).
NAC Expander/Power Supply
• Multiple sync protocols, compatible with
the following appliances: CooperWheelock, Faraday, System Sensor, and
Gentex — as field-selectable options.
• Four configurable supervised NAC
The FireForce 9 (FF9) from
Gamewell is a Notification Appliance Circuit (NAC) extender panel
designed to extend the power
capabilities of existing NACs and
provide power (3.0 A maximum) for
other ancillary devices. The FF9
will connect to any brand of ULListed Fire Alarm Control Panel
(FACP) to provide Notification
Appliance Circuit expansion.
Designed with advanced switchmode power-supply technology, the
FireForce 9 provides filtered and
electronically-regulated power
distributed to four NACs. Each NAC is rated at 3.0 Amp maximum, with a
total output capacity of 9.0 Amp. The outputs may be configured as: four
Class B (Style W, X, Y); or two Class A (Style Z); or two Class B and one
Class A. The FF9 includes an internal battery charger.
Gamewell’s FF9 provides independent output circuit supervision. In the
event of a NAC fault, the FF9 can be configured to notify the FACP. The
FF9 has field-selectable, built-in strobe and horn sync protocols. Protocols
support Faraday, Gentex, System Sensor, and Cooper-Wheelock devices; or
pass through a pre-generated sync protocol from a single synchronization
source. This eliminates the need for additional individual sync modules.
Independent horn silencing via sync protocol allows synchronized horns and
strobes to operate on a single circuit.
Engineer’s Specifications
The Fire Alarm System shall be designed with remotely located Notification
Appliance Circuit (NAC) Expander/Power Supplies for the support of
notification appliances. The remote Power Supplies shall be fully supervised
and shall provide 9.0 Amps of notification appliance power and auxiliary
power output. The NAC Extender Panel shall be able to select strobe
synchronization protocol via an internal dip switch. There shall be five
selectable protocols available. The NAC Extender Panel shall synchronize
all outputs simultaneously. The internal battery charging circuit shall
charge up to 33 AH batteries. The NAC Expander/Power Supply shall be a
Gamewell FireForce 9.
FireForce 9
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• 9.0 Amp, 24 VDC, fully regulated full-load
output (power-limited).
• Output fault notification to FACP.
• Contains auxiliary power output.
• Trouble and status LEDs.
• Common trouble Form-C relay.
• Isolated AC Fail Form-C relay, immediate
or delayed.
• Ground fault detection.
• 33 AH battery charger capability.
• Selectable temporal coding.
• Facilitates multiple NAC synchronization
for large areas.
Field-Selectable NAC Signaling
(follows input)
Steady – Sync
Steady with
noise eliminated
Listings and approvals below apply to the
basic FireForce 9 panel. In some cases,
certain modules may not be listed by
certain approval agencies, or listing may
be in process. Consult factory for latest
listing status.
• UL Listed: file S521.
• MEA approved: file 429-92-E, Vol. XVI.
Ordering Information
Primary input power
24 VDC, 9.0 Amp, fire alarm NAC expander/power supply
with integral battery charger.
Battery, 12 VDC, 7 AH (two required for 24 V operation).
Battery, 12 VDC, 12 AH (two required for 24 V operation).
Battery, 12 VDC, 18 AH (two required for 24 V operation).
Battery, 12 VDC, 26 AH (two required for 24 V operation).
120 VAC, 60 Hz, 3.0 A; or 220 V, 1.5 A;
jumper selectable.
Secondary power
24-volt operation: two 7 – 33 AH
Battery charging capacity
Up to 33 AH batteries.
Battery space
Up to two 7 AH batteries maximum inside
FF9 cabinet. Larger batteries require a
separate battery cabinet.
Total output power
9.0 A maximum.
Standby current
75 mA.
Auxiliary power output
3.0 A maximum.
NAC output ratings
24 VDC fully regulated, 3.0 A maximum
per circuit (9.0 A total).
End-of-Line resistor
4.7 K ohm.
Common trouble relay
2.0 A/28 VDC or 120 VAC.
Input control circuit
9 – 32 VDC @ 5 mA minimum.
Temperature rating
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
Relative humidity
85% maximum, noncondensing.
FF9 Cabinet: 16.0" H x 12.25" W x 3.0" D
(cm: 40.64 H x 30.88 W x 7.62 D).
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Northford, CT 06472-1610
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Data and design are subject to change without notice. Installation and wiring
instructions shipped with the product shall always be used for actual installation.
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FireForce 9