English User's Manual

Model MA150
200A AC Mini Clamp-on Meter
Thank you for choosing the Extech MA150 AC Mini Clamp Meter. This meter is shipped fully tested
and calibrated and, with proper use, will provide years of reliable service.
Meter Description
6. LCD display
7. Clamp trigger
8. MODE key
9. COM input jack
10. V Ω input jack
1. Current sense jaw
2. Non-contact AC voltage indicator light
3. Flashlight button
4. Rotary function switch
5. MAX hold and Backlight key
Safety Information
Caution! Refer to the explanation in this Manual
Double Insulation
This meter has been designed to be safe in use, but the operator must use caution in its operation.
The rules listed below should be carefully followed for safe operation.
1. NEVER apply voltage or current to the meter that exceeds the specified maximum:
2. USE EXTREME CAUTION when working with voltages greater than 60VDC or 25VAC rms.
These voltages are considerd a shock hazard.
3. NEVER operate the meter unless the back cover and the battery/fuse door are in place and
fastened securely.
AC Current
AC/DC Voltage
Resistance, Diode, Continuity Test
Input Limits
Maximum Input
600V AC/DC
600V AC/DC
MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16
AC Current Measurements
1) Set the Function switch to the 200A AC range.
2) Press the jaw trigger and clamp around, fully enclosing a single conductor.
Do not allow a gap between the two halves of the jaw. Refer to the diagram
at right for the correct way to enclose a single conductor.
3) Read the ACA value on the LCD.
AC/DC Voltage Measurements
1) Insert the black test lead into the negative COM terminal and the red test lead into the positive V
2) Set the function switch to the V position.
3) Select AC or DC with the MODE button.
4) Connect the test leads in parallel to the circuit under test.
5) Read the voltage measurement on the LCD display.
Resistance and Continuity Measurements
1) Insert the black test lead into the negative COM terminal and the red test lead into the positive V
Ω terminal.
2) Set the function switch to the Ω position.
3) Use the MODE button to select resistance. The MΩ icon will appear in the display.
4) Touch the test leads across the circuit or component under test. It is best to disconnect one side
of the device under test so the rest of the circuit will not interfere with the resistance reading.
5) For Resistance tests, read the resistance on the LCD display
6) For Continuity, use the MODE button to select continuity “)))”. The display icons will change
when the MODE button is pressed.
7) If the resistance is <120 Ω the meter’s beeper will sound.
Diode Test
1) Insert the black test lead banana plug into the negative COM jack and the red test lead banana
plug into the positive V Ω jack.
2) Set the function switch to the Ω
3) Press the MODE button to indicate
on the display.
4) Touch the test probes to the diode under test. Forward voltage will typically indicate 0.400 to
0.700V. Reverse voltage will indicate “OL”. Shorted devices will indicate near 0V and an open
device will indicate “OL” in both polarities.
MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16
Non-Contact AC Voltage Detection
WARNING: Risk of Electrocution. Before use, always test the Voltage Detector on a
known live circuit to verify proper operation
1) AC Voltage detection operates on any of the three Function switch positions.
2) Touch the probe tip to the hot conductor or insert into the hot side of the electrical outlet.
3) If AC voltage is present, the detector light will illuminate.
NOTE: The conductors in electrical cord sets are often twisted. For best results, slowly slide the
probe tip along a length of the cord to assure placing the tip in close proximity to the live
NOTE: The detector is designed with high sensitivity. Static electricity or other sources of energy
may randomly turn the detector light on. This is normal operation
MAX Hold
To hold the highest reading on the LCD, momentarily press the “MAX ” key. The meter reading will
not change as readings change, rather it will only display the highest reading encountered since the
MAX hold button was pressed. Press the MAX hold button again to return the meter to normal
Press and hold the “MAX ” key for more than one second to turn the backlight on. This will also
activate the MAX Hold function. To release the MAX Hold function and return the meter to normal
operation, press the “MAX ” key momentarily. The backlight will automatically turn off after 15
seconds. To manually turn off the backlight, press and hold the “MAX ” key for more than 1 second.
Press and hold the top button to turn the flashlight on. Release the button to turn the flashlight off.
MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16
General Specifications
2000 count Digit LCD with white LED backlight
Minus sign (-) indicates negative polarity
Jaw opening
0.7” (18mm)
Current sensor
Hall effect sensor type
AC Current Bandwidth
AC Voltage Bandwidth
Overload indication
“OL” displayed on the LCD
Display rate
2 readings/second, nominal
Two 1.5V AAA batteries
Low Battery indication
“BATT” displayed on the LCD
Auto Power off
approx. 15 minutes
Operating conditions
32 to 86ºF (0 to 30ºC) 90%RH; 86 to 104ºF (30 to 40ºC) 75%RH; 104 to
122ºF (40 to 50ºC) 45%RH
Storage conditions
- 14 to 140ºF (-30 to 60ºC); < 90% Relative Humidity
Operate at less than 3000 meters
6.2 oz. (176g) including battery
6.5 x 2.6 x 1.3” (164 x 65 x 32mm) (HWD)
For indoor use and in accordance with the requirements for double
insulation to IEC1010-1 (1995): EN61010-1 (1995) Overvoltage Category
III 300V and Category II 600V, Pollution Degree 2.
MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16
Range Specifications
Accuracy (of reading)
AC Current
± (2.5% rdg + 10 digits)
DC Voltage
±(0.5% rdg + 5 digits)
AC Voltage
Non-Contact AC Voltage
Diode Test
±(1.2% rdg + 3 digits)
±(1.5% rdg + 3 digits)
±(1.5% rdg + 3 digits)
±(2.0% rdg + 4 digits)
±(1.0% rdg + 4 digits)
±(2.0% rdg + 3 digits)
±(3.0% rdg + 5 digits)
±(1.5% rdg + 2 digits)
100VAC to 600VAC 50/60Hz
Test current: 0.3mA typical;
Open circuit voltage: 1.5VDC typical
Threshold <120Ω
Test current <1mA
MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16
Battery Replacement
1) When the low battery symbol appears on the LCD the batteries must be replaced.
2) Power down and remove the rear battery compartment Phillips screw.
3) Lift off the battery compartment cover and replace the two 1.5V AAA cells.
4) Replace compartment cover and secure the screw.
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MA150-en-US v2.3 06/16