SEMTECH SX12821075

Transceiver/MCU/ADC System-on-Chip with RISC CPU
for Battery-Powered Ultra-Low Power Applications
The SX1282 transceiver with embedded CoolRISC® MCU,
dual 10 and 16-bit ADC and peripherals provides a highly-integrated single-chip acquisition processing and RF solution.
• Integrated programmable RC oscillator
• Start-up and μC operation
• 12.8 MHz crystal oscillator:
• Transceiver operation
• Low-power 32 kHz crystal oscillator
• μA level Time-keeping operation
• Analog watchdogs detect crystal oscillator failures
• Data Acquisition
• Pyroelectric acquisition chain
• 80 dB PSRR on the full chain
• 10 μV/LSB
• 16 bits ADC, 8 Hz bandwidth
• Auxiliary 10 bits ADC
• 10k samples/s
• Multiple signal sources
• Programmable input attenuation
• Integrated thermometer function, 2°C accuracy
• Embedded Core
• Ultra Low-power
• 1.3 mA power consumption at 6.4 MIPS
• CoolRISC technology
• Energy-efficient RISC architecture
• Integrated 8x8 multiplier
• Program loads into and executes from RAM
• Memory resources
• 1 kbytes boot ROM
• 22 kbytes Instruction RAM
• 1 kbytes data RAM
With a design which sets state-of-the-art standards in low
receiver consumption, dual ISM-band transceiver blocks are
combined with a sophisticated ultra low-power 8-bit RISC
core plus extensive signal acquisition peripherals to provide
a complete system on chip for ISM-band applications.
The SX1282 is manufactured in an ultra modern 0.18µm
process, with the entire radio, CoolRISC MCU, ADCs, peripherals, inductors and filters all integrated on a single die.
The circuit is capable of operating down to 1.0V, which makes
operation from a single alkaline battery possible. The circuit is
enclosed in a 60-pin QFN package of dimensions 7x7mm.
• Operating voltage down to 1.0V
• Supply voltage range from 1.0V to 1.6V
• Entire circuit can operate on a single AA battery
• Transceiver Chain
• Dual-Band operation, 434 MHz and 868 MHz
• Multi-channel, on-chip PLL,12.5 kHz steps
• FSK and OOK modulation
• Data rate up to 80 kbit/s FSK
• Sensitivity of -102 dBm @ 25 kbit/s, FSK, 10-3 BER
• Receive current 2.5 mA
• Autonomy up to four years from a single AA battery in wireless sensing
• Transmit power +10 dBm differential (35 mA supply
• Integrated RX-TX switch
• Super heterodyne architecture
• First conversion: IF @ 96 MHz for 868 MHz band
• Second conversion: zero IF
• HW support for symbol synchronization and
clock recovery
• Power Management
• High-current step-up for external EEPROM supply
@ 2.7V
• Low-current step-up for the supply of the data
acquisition chains
• POR and brown-out detector
• Sophisticated Power Management
• Unused blocks are powered down
• Standby current down to 4.0uA typical
(23μA maximum)
• Oscillators
July 2008
Alarm and security systems
Wireless Sensor Networks
Home Automation
Wireless computer peripherals
Sports and Leisure Equipment
Industrial Sensing
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