Temperature Compensated Amplifier
2 GHz - 8 GHz
This Amplifier offers exceptional performance over the band 2
GHz to 8 GHz with 23 dBm P1dB output power and 16 dB
Teledyne Microwave amplifiers are balanced or feedback
designs and manufactured with the latest MIC & MMIC
technology. The GaAs FET’s used in these amplifiers are well
established proven devices from multiple sources.
Teledyne Microwave offers a complete line of Narrow and
broadband Amplifiers covering the frequency range 500 MHz
to 40 GHz. These products are available in either
connectorized packages or as modules. For a complete list of
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Model Number:
Frequency Range:
2 GHz - 8 GHz
16 dB
Gain (min):
Gain Vs Temp at any Frequency:
+/-0.75 dB
Noise Figure (max):
7 dB
23 dBm
Output Power @ 1dB Compression:
Gain Flatness Vs Frequency: +/-1.25 dB
3rd Order Intercept (Typ): 32 dBm
Power Supply:
Input Voltage: 11.5 to 15 VDC
280 mA
Current @ 12 VDC (typ):
Current @ 12 VDC (max): 350 mA
Case Type (See attached Outline): SC4
Temperature Range: -54 to +90C
ISO 9001:2000
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