Six-Zone Addressable Interface Module
• Six addressable Class B or three
addressable Class A initiating
device circuits.
• Removable 12 AWG (3.1 mm²) to
18 AWG (0.78 mm²) plug-in
terminal blocks.
• Status indicators for each point.
Gamewell’s CZM-SS SmartScanTM
six-zone interface module provides an interface between the intelligent alarm system and a twowire conventional detection zone. A
common SLC input is used for all
modules, and the initiating device
circuits share a common external
supervisory supply and ground. Otherwise, each module operates independently from the others.
The first module is addressed from
01 to 94 while the remaining modules are automatically assigned to
the next five higher addresses. Provisions are included for disabling a
maximum of two unused modules.
All two-wire detectors being monitored must be two-wire UL compatibility listed with the modules. The
CZM-SS transmits the status of a zone of two-wire detectors to the fire alarm
control panel. Status conditions are reported as normal, open, or alarm. The interface module supervises the zone of detectors and the connection of the external
power supply.
Each CZM-SS module has panel-controlled bicolor LED indicators. The panel can
cause the LEDs to blink, latch on, or latch off.
• Rotary address switches.
• Compatible with Gamewell’s 602,
610, 632, 654 and 658 FACPs
with SmartScan™ SLC.
• Mount one or two modules in a
BB-XP cabinet (optional).
• Mount up to six modules on a
CHS-6 chassis in a BB-25
cabinet (optional).
• Mounting hardware included.
Listings and approvals below
apply to the CZM-SS Six-Zone
Addressable Interface Module. In
some cases, the module may not
be listed by certain approval
agencies, or listing may be in
process. Consult factory for
latest listing status.
• UL Listed: file S521.
• CSFM approved:
file 7300-1288:169.
Product Line Information
• MEA approved:
file 368-01-E Vol.II.
CZM-SS: Six-zone conventional-detector interface module.
BB-XP: Optional cabinet for one or two modules. Dimensions, DOOR: 9.234"
(23.454 cm) wide (9.484" [24.089 cm] including hinges), x 12.218" (31.0337 cm)
high, x 0.672" (1.7068 cm) deep; BACKBOX: 9.0" (22.860 cm) wide (9.25" [23.495
cm] including hinges), x 12.0" (30.480 cm) high x 2.75" (6.985 cm); CHASSIS
(installed): 7.150" (18.161 cm) wide overall x 7.312" (18.5725 cm) high interior
overall x 2.156" (5.4762 cm) deep overall.
BB-25: Optional cabinet for up to six modules mounted on CHS-6 chassis (below).
Dimensions, DOOR: 24.0" (60.96 cm) wide x 12.632" (32.0852 cm) high, x 1.25"
(3.175 cm) deep, hinged at bottom; BACKBOX: 24.0" (60.96 cm) wide x 12.550"
(31.877 cm) high x 5.218" (13.2537 cm) deep.
CHS-6: Chassis, mounts up to six modules in a BB-25 cabinet.
CZM-SS CS-2470 09/01/06
• Unused addresses may be
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Standby current
2.0 mA (SLC current draw with all addresses used; if some
addresses are disabled, the standby current decreases).
Alarm current
40 mA (assumes all six LEDs solid ON).
Temperature range
32°F to 120°F (0°C to 49°C).
10% to 85% noncondensing.
6.8" (172.72 mm) high x 5.8" (147.32 mm) wide x 1.25" (31.75
mm) deep.
Shipping weight
1.1 lb. (0.499 kg) including packaging.
Mounting options
CHS-6 chassis, BB-25 cabinet, or BB-XP cabinet.
Wire gauge
12 AWG (3.1 mm²) to 18 AWG (0.78 mm²).
CZM-SS is shipped in Class B position.
Remove shunt for Class A operation.
External supply voltage
DC voltage: 18 – 28 volts power-limited (19 – 28 VDC when
used with MTL isolator, model MTL 3043, in intrinsically safe
Ripple voltage: 0.1 VRMS maximum.
External supply current: 90 mA maximum per address in
alarm. In Class B operation, 540 mA maximum for all six
addresses in alarm. In Class A operation, 270 mA maximum
for all three addresses in alarm.
Compatible detectors
Contact Gamewell.
Wiring Diagrams
Interface Two-Wire Conventional Detectors —
Class B, Style B
NOTE: To use a common power supply between multiple CZM-SS modules, connect a long power supply jumper from T5 (or T6) to T5 (or T6)
on the adjacent CZM-SS module.
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CZM-SS CS-2470
Interface Two-Wire Conventional Detectors —
Class A, Style D
NOTES: 1) To select Class A, remove the two shunts from the "A/B
Select" positions. 2) To use a common power supply between multiple
CZM-SS modules, connect a long power supply jumper from T5 (or T6)
to T5 (or T6) on the adjacent CZM-SS module.
CZM-SS CS-2470 09/01/06
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