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Specification for a 2.350GHz S-Band Bandpass Cavity Filter
MtronPTI P/N UF9409
I. General & Electrical Requirements:
1. Center Frequency (FON): 2.350GHz
2. Passband: 2.200GHz to 2.500GHz
3. Passband Insertion Loss (excludes cable losses): ≤ 1.0dB (0.8dB typical at band edges with proposed package)
4. Passband VSWR: 1.5: 1 maximum
5. Rejection:
DC to 2.140GHz: 20dB minimum, 40dB nominal
2.560GHz to 10.000GHz: 20dB minimum, 40dB nominal (no spurs before 10GHz)
6. Input Power Level: 1-watt minimum
7. ZIN/ZOUT: 50Ω nominal
II. Environmental & Physical Requirements:
1. Temperature:
Operating: -45°C to +85°C
Storage: -55°C to +125°C
2. Package: Per Figure 1:
Figure 1: Package Dimensions
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