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I. General & Electrical Requirements:
1. Center Frequency (FON): 21.4MHz
2. 6dB Passband:  FON  8.5kHz
3. Insertion Loss (@ peak of transmission within the 6dB passband): ≤ 4.0dB
4. Passband Ripple (peak-valley): ≤ 2.0dB
5. Rejection (Minimum, Relative to Insertion Loss)
60dB: FON  25.0kHz maximum
6. Ultimate Attenuation: 90dB minimum
7. Input Signal Level: ≤ 0dBm
8. Terminating Impedance: 1600W // +0.0pF 3.0pF
II. Environmental & Physical Requirements:
1. Temperature Range
Operating: -20C to +70C
Storage: -55C to +85C
2. Solderability: Per EIAJ-STD-002
3. Shock (survival): Per RTCA DO-160F Section 7, Category B
4. Vibration: Peer RTCA DO-160F Section 8, Category S, Test Curve M and B2
5. Humidity: per RTCA DO-160F Section 6, Category B
6. Thermal Shock: -40˚C for 30-minutes then +85C for 30-minutes for 5-days
7. Package: See Drawing
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XF9329 21.4MHz 6-Pole
Monolithic Crystal Filter
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