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Model LF9141R
Bandpass LC Filter
Full RoHS Compliance
Electrical Specifications
Center Frequency (FO): 440.0MHz
Return Loss: 15dB min. @ 420.0MHz to 460.0MHz
Passband: 420.0MHz to 460.0MHz
Maximum Input Power: +10dBm
Insertion Loss over the Passband: 3.0dB maximum
ZIN/ZOUT: 50 nominal (for reference only)
Passband Ripple (peak-valley): 1dB maximum
Temperature Range
Operating: 0C to +85C
Storage: -40C to +85C
Rejection (minimum)
-50dB over DC to 340MHz
-50dB over 540MHz to 1000MHz
-20dB over 1000MHz to 3000MHz
Revised: February 15, 2011
Rev. C
Package: See Drawing
(Supplied on T&R, Per EIA-481D, 100-units min.)
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