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Proposed Specification for a 4-Pole
5x7mm SMD Monolithic Crystal Filter
MtronPTI P/N: XF9402R
I. General & Electrical Requirements
1. Center Frequency (FO): 21.4MHz
2. Passband @ 3dB: FO ±10.0kHz minimum
3. Insertion Loss (@FO): 4.0dB maximum
4. Passband Ripple (peak-valley): 1.0dB maximum
5. Group Delay Variation:
over FO ±8.0kHz: < 10µsec
over FO ±10.0kHz: < 20µsec
6. Attenuation (minimum relative to IL at FO):
20dB: FO ±24.0kHz maximum
40dB: FO ±49.0kHz maximum
70dB: FO ±125.0kHz maximum
7. Ultimate Attenuation: 60dB minimum
8. Spurious Response: 25dB minimum
9. Coupling Capacitance: 2.5pF
10. Input Signal Level: ≤ 0dBm
11. Insulation Resistance (100VDC): > 500MΩ
12. ZS/ZL: 2800Ω // 0.7pF nominal
Note 1: All electrical performance specifications are to be met over the -40C to +85C Operating Temperature Range.
Note 2: All electrical performance specifications are to be validated at the prototype build stage.
II. Environmental, Test & Physical Requirements:
1. Temperature Range
Operating: -40C to +85C
Storage: -55C to +105C
2. Solderability: Peak Reflow Temperature +240C ±5C
3. Humidity: 95% ±3% @ +40C for 96-hours
4. Seal: Hermetic
5. Shock (survival): RTCA DO-160F Section 8, Category B
6. Vibration (survival): RTCA DO-160F Section 7,
Category S Test Curves C, B3, L & M.
Category U Test Curve G
7. Temperature Cycle: -40C 30-minutes/cycle; +85C 30-minutes/cycle
8. Package: Single 5x7mm (ref drawing)
9. RoHS: Full RoHS Compliance
Rev. B 06/01/12
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